Just Tired: Part III

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Just Tired

Part III


Cough. “I’m thirsty.” Cough.

“No,” Danny mumbled with a yawn into his pillow, as he shifted to get more comfortable, careful to keep his arm wrapped around his wiggling wife.

“But, I’m ever so thirsty,” Jodi said with a sniffle.

“No,” he said, too damn exhausted to play this game.


“No,” he said more firmly, as he tightened his arm around her and pulled her closer to prevent anymore attempted escapes.

“But, I’m fine,” she promised him with a little wiggle and a sigh that he wasn’t buying, not again.

“Uh huh,” he said, not believing a single fucking word out of her mouth, not after the sandwich incident.

There was another heavy sigh and another wiggle before she said, “Seriously, Danny. I’m fine.”

Not bothering to open his eyes, he shifted onto his side so that he was spooning her, which also allowed him to slide his other arm around her so that he could keep her from doing anything else that was going to bring the state police back to their door tonight. He ignored her groans, her little wiggles, and-

“Danny, I have to go to the bathroom,” she said, sounding annoyed.

“Sure you do,” he mumbled sleepily, as he felt himself starting to doze off.

“Danny, I’m not kidding.”

“Of course, you’re not,” he said, pressing a sleepy kiss against the back of her neck.


“Shhh, sleeping,” he said, absently noting that her skin no longer felt hot, letting him know that the medication had worked.

Hopefully it would be enough to keep her temperature down for a few hours so that he could catch some sleep before he had to give her more. As he started to drift off, he went over everything in his head that he was going to have to do before that happened. He was going to have to fix the lock on the back door, figure out where she hid her phone, seal the attic door, again, and re-attach all the vents so that she could wiggle her way back into the air duct system, something that he really should have anticipated after she’d stripped naked and slathered herself with grape jelly.

“Please don’t make me hurt you,” she said with a resigned sigh, sounding like her old self, but once again, he wasn’t falling for it.

“Go to sleep,” he mumbled, giving her bare shoulder another kiss only to frown a few seconds later, wondering what happened to the shirt that he’d stuffed her in after he’d managed to drag her into the shower and scrub her clean.

Having a really bad feeling about this, he slowly opened his eyes to find the woman that he loved more than anything somehow turned in his arms and giving him a devious little smile. Before he could say anything she managed to wiggle her naked body down and out of his hold, momentarily distracting him with all that wiggling. When she was out of his hold and sitting up, sighing with satisfaction, he looked down at his hands to find that the devious woman had somehow managed to strip out of her shirt and tie his hands together.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I believe that I’ll just go ahead and pick up the twins now,” she said, as she climbed off the bed and walked towards the door, only pausing long enough to swipe one of the twin’s set of plastic teething keys off the bureau before sending him a smug little smile that had him rolling his eyes as he pulled his hands free from the weak knot.

As he went after the naked woman now trying to call his mother on one of the fake cellphones that the twins liked to slobber all over, he decided that it was time to go to Plan B.


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  1. Avatar Georgia says:

    Aww Love Jodi and Danny!! This is hilarious!.. Maybe one or both of the twins could develop her “uniqueness” 🙂

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