It’s Pay it 4ward Friday :)

So, with the kids sick off and on the last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty limited on this, but that all changes today. I have a meeting early this morning with a philanthropist foundation to get some ideas on finding resources and ideas on how to go about raising money to aide those in need.  I have a few ideas running through my head already, but I’m waiting to see what they suggest.

What are your ideas? What do you think is a noteworthy cause or need that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves? If you were to raise money for charity where would you want the money to go?

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  1. Avatar Stephanie Shaw says:

    I am a military spouse, and I have seen many of our families struggle to make ends meet. There is a great charity called Navy, Marine Corps Relief Society. It’s a 100% non profit organization that helps military families. The people that work for the organization are all volunteers as well. Another great cause is the Wounded Warrior Project that helps rehabilitate our injured men and women of the armed forces. I like charities that give back to the men and women that give us our freedoms.

  2. Avatar Patricia Nesbitt says:

    I would want the money to go to starting up a halfway type house for female juvenile offenders. I often go home beat down by the system, the same system that ask me to help these juveniles “reform “. The thing that gets me every time I get them to believe, and then I feel like Satan, because I send them right back into the same hell they came out of. When looking for placements it is so hard once they turn 18 and next to impossible if they are girls.

    Had to catch my breathe. So I usually on Tuesday’s volunteer my time doing a scared straight type thing, in hopes to stop them before they get to this point. I don’t get to do it every Tuesadys, but this last year due to word of mouth I get to do it once, twice a month. I feel guilty and selfish because often I feel its more feel good for me than them.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      That’s a very good cause, Patricia. Years ago I worked in a few Residential Programs and I have to agree that there really is no aide in helping the girls or boys for that matter transition into adulthood. In my area they have a Corps program for I think 16 to 24 year olds that provide a place to live as well as education and training. I wonder if it’s a nationwide program….

      Feeling good about the program keeps you coming back so I would say that’s great. I’m sure the girls appreciate your time and effort, Patricia 🙂

  3. Avatar Christi says:

    I know of a few good charities. A little background info. When my son was 3 months old he was diagnosised with a rare form of cancer called Bilateral Retinoblastoma, it’s cancer of the retina that affected both of his eyes. My son was treated at UCSF, at the time we were living in Cali, so the 2 hour trip to San Fran wasn’t bad. Hub was military so we ended up with orders back to Colorado when son was 14 months, he still had very active tumors. We had to fly to SF every 2-6 weeks. So here are some amazing organizations that helped us out those during those hard years…BTW, my son is now 18 🙂

    Miracle Flights for Kids – that’s how we got to SF, commercial flights that took us strait to SF.

    Korette Family house – where we stayed mostly.

    Rondald McDonald house – We spent Zach’s first Christmas there, was really nice.

    any questions, just ask 🙂

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