Interested in Publishing a book?

Over the past year I’ve received a great deal of email from aspiring writers asking for advice on publishing. They’ve asked about the pros and cons of going the traditional route as well as inquired about self-publishing. While I’ve tried to take the time to answer their questions and help guide them in the right direction, I’m afraid that it’s not enough. I wish that I could do more to help you. At some point when I master this industry and have some time I plan on writing an e-book to help those of you who would like help, but that will not be happening for a very long time.

I didn’t feel right about not at least trying to find a way to help. So, I took some time and did some research to find a publishing house, advice website, anything that could help with the daunting task of getting published whether it was through a publisher or through self-publishing. It took me some time, but I found a website that actually offers all the services that authors need at a decent price.

Let me just state this before I place the link on this post. I do not and will not accept paid advertisement on my website. If I list a link to a website that’s because I like the site. I would not feel right about promoting anything that I did not like and will not do it. The site that I am recommending has not paid me and does not have a contract with me. I will be giving them their own page because so many aspiring writers contact me, asking for advice and this seems like the most reasonable and efficient way to get this information out there.With that said, my recommendation for anyone interested in publishing the non-traditional way is:

The company is called  They provide many services to authors. From my understanding you can either get a package deal or buy only the services that you need. If you’re just starting out I highly recommend them or if you’re already in this industry and need a little help, this site might be worth a look.

Well, I hope this has helped everyone that’s been contacting me. I will have a page set up for them soon. Let me know if you need anything else 🙂


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