I’m Being Super Evil Tonight!

Dear Reader,

So, as the title explained, I am being super evil tonight! I am trying to pull something off, something secret, but in order to do that I need to make tonight count. There will be a Chronicle next week and a teaser from Misunderstood this week, but for tonight…

I put my evil plan into action!

I have something that I am trying to do and I need the next 12 days to pull it off!

I am very excited about this and if I fail…I shall blame the cats, mostly because they’re stalking me and I feel like they’re planning my murder at this point.

Other than that, I should probably tell you that I moved Misunderstood’s release date up to December 15th so that you wouldn’t have to wait longer 🙂 

Okay! I am now returning to my evil plans!


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