I don’t know what to say

A few hours ago, I was informed that I was named a Breakout Author at ibooks.com. For the past couple of hours I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that, but can’t. It’s amazing, unbelievable and I’m pretty much stunned. I have absolutely no idea what to say or do at this moment.

So, I’m going to use the manners that I was raised with and say thank you to Apple for taking this chance on me. I’d also like to thank Apple for its program which allows authors like me to publish our work. Thank you, Apple, you have no idea what your program means to me and my family.

I would also like to thank Smashwords.com. They’ve been a wonderful source of help and support. They have made publishing my books easy, as well as opened up distribution channels that would not normally be available to authors without the backing of a publishing house. It’s made it easier to get my work out there for a wide variety of readers and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you, Smashwords.com.

Thank you to everyone that has taken a chance and read my books, posted reviews and shared their thoughts on my books.Of course Maura and Lieve who work me to the bone and keep me in line with their teasing ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Avatar Lynne Colvill says:

    You deserve it. Your writing is great and your character development is amazing. Im in love with your pyte series.

  2. Avatar Candy Cruz says:

    I must say it was well deserved… I happen to run In to your books on IBooks while just coming off a
    Fifth shades of Grey high and I will say I’m glad I did.so far I have read all of your books and am waiting with anticipation for your many Sequels. Best of luck

  3. Avatar DianeElaine says:

    Congratulations!!! I am not surprised that you have been honored:) I have enjoyed your writing so far and will continue to read your books.

  4. Avatar Mindy says:

    Congrats!!! I absolutely love your books and would be utterly lost without the distraction of your writing skills. You deserve to be acknowledged and I certainly hope you keep writing and inspiring others to do more for themselves as well as others…

  5. Avatar Paula S. says:

    Congratulations R.L., This comes as no surprise to me. I enjoy everything I read of yours immensely, and can hardly wait till you release the next book you’ve written. Your characters are so real I feel as if I personally know them. You deserve every recognition you get and then some. One of your biggest fans, Paula Smith
    PS I have had “Fifty Shades Of Grey” on my Kindle for several(at least 6) months. Haven’t read it yet though but I’ve read all of yours as soon as I find them. I’m just sayin!

  6. Avatar Ian Seta says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. Your Neighbor From Hell books make me want to weep with happiness. Most of my books are digital these days but after I read Playing For Keeps, I had to buy a hard copy just so when someone comes up to me and says, “hey, have you ever read any R.L. Mathewson?” I can show him my first run paperback, and answer “Grasshopper, I was…”

  7. Avatar Norma Gallacher says:

    Congratulations, very well deserved R.L. I’ve got over 800 books on my kindle and you are one of only 3 authors that I have every single title you’ve produced. I love your books and eagerly await all new ones. The Pyte series is amazing, I love them all. I’m not surprised at all by this news, just grateful that you chose to publish a freebie on kindle and got me so interested that I bought them all! Keep them coming! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  8. Avatar Sam says:

    Congratulations and well deserved. Just started the Hollywood Series and are loving them. Very different and i can tell your writing from the heart on the first.

    Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Avatar Teresa says:

    Congradulations!!!! It’s just the beginning – apparently you don’t understand how incredibly great of a writer you are. Your story lines are often not predictable and your characters are unique, memorable, loveable etc. You have true gift of writing-amazing insight to people in general, that allows you to write the same person/same situation from so many perspectives and do it in a simple paragraph- amazing AND rare, you are. Also I look at your blog and you are such a giving , pay forward type person- you deserve this and much more!!!! Rare find you are, so I could go on forever:-)

  10. Avatar Meg says:

    R.L, I just have to say I love your writting! So far I’ve read Playing for keeps, Perfection, Sudden response, and a Humble Heart. Your writing style is so relatable and your characters are unbeleivably entertaining!! I truly wish I knew the Bradfords, I’d say that would be the best diet ever!! Please write more including those characters, though I love them all- those Bradford men just get me!!!

  11. Avatar Ann Marie says:

    Congrats!!! You deserve it, I love reading your books an hope there is lots an lots more to come, keep up the good work.

  12. Avatar Debra S. says:

    R.L. you definitely deserve any accolades that you receive for your writing! I’ve just discovered your books and I’ve just finished The Humble Heart and I’m starting A Reclusive Heart today. While reading the HH it was so hard to put the book down and do other things, I just had to get back to the story! Dana and Edward really had a realistic and full relationship and you could visualize the whole story and feel the emotions, I truly enjoyed that book. Perfection was really relatable to me since the weight thing is something I also deal with, but you made Zoe with heart and showed her gain strength through her adversity. I agree with the comment Meg made about those Bradford men, they are just too funny and crazy, but they love their women. Please write more about them and their families. You really give your readers value for their reading dollars, instead of churning out pamphlets that are overpriced and leave you wishing for a refund. I love the way your stories just keep my interest the whole book through, I’m happy that I found you and your works. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar nelise says:

      I could not agree more! I am so happy I found your works as well. The Bradford men are hilarious and heartwarming, can’t wait to learn more about them. While the HH series is an escape but hopeful. I adore Edward and his all in kind of love for his family.
      Now can we get back to Jill and how she will be a key that changes everything …

      **I still reread that last part making up my own storyline waiting for the next installment.

      Congratulations again my dear, you deserve it!

  13. Avatar Becky says:

    Love your books, your stories are amazing. I was browsing on my kindle and found your books on the bargain buys area and decided to try one. After reading the one I went back and bought the rest. I was surprised at the price. Thanks so much for keeping the price down! I can’t wait for the next one!!

  14. Avatar Jessi says:

    I love all of these books! I have read all the books on iBooks in the last two weeks! I keep telling myself to put them down, but I love them! All the characters are amazing. I am not usually a lol typed person but I actually find myself laughing out loud when I read these books! I so would have paid $12 a piece for them! I can’t wait to read more (:

  15. Avatar nelise says:

    Congratulations!! R.L. thank you for sharing your talent with us! Your amazing romance novelist and inspiring to others. I can not wait for the next NFH installment and Pyte novel. Blessings to you and your family.

  16. Avatar Anna-Marie Bull says:

    I loved Haley and Jason, had me in stitches with his love of food. a man after my own heart. keep up the good work

  17. Avatar Janette says:

    I found your book on iBooks…how glad am I!!!! I bought and read all the Neighbour and Hollywood books in 2 days ( and a few hrs!) am actually in the middle of a book hangover… I laughed ( out loud) empathised with the leading ladies and lusted after the leading men and their admiration for their women….I simply cannot move on and must know more about the Bradford family……. !!! Being In a similar situation to Dana …I am now waiting for my Edward…… Swoon swoon etc etc ….Well Done iBooks….. You took a chance on the best books around xx

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