Hot Cocoa Addict makes New York Times Best Seller’s List

Well, the news came out sooner than expected and apparently the news earlier through the hack was correct. Odd. Anyway, moving on. Playing for Keeps is number 16 for Ebooks and number 20 overall. Pretty exciting news. Hasn’t really hit yet. We’ve all been too busy editing like crazy to fix the paperbacks to really stop and think about it, but I think that I should be allowed chocolate or something for this, but Christi threatened to beat me if I didn’t keep working.

Slave driver.

I want to say thank you to Maura, Lieve, Christi, and Ally for helping me edit šŸ™‚

Also, thank you, everyone, for taking a chance on my books and making this possible šŸ™‚


12 Responses to “Hot Cocoa Addict makes New York Times Best Seller’s List”

  1. Avatar Claire says:

    Hi just want to say congratulations on your book/s,I really enjoyed all of them and can’t wait for more. You are one of my favourite authors.

  2. Avatar dreamerbeliever says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it more than anyone. I’m really in love with your works. Keep it up šŸ˜€

  3. Avatar SammieD says:

    Congrats! So very very well deserved, you have all the accolades coming that you (and your team) deserve.

  4. Avatar Carla Main says:

    Found your books through my daughter. Really enjoy your writings, very entertaining and good stories. Keep them coming!

  5. Avatar Bianca says:

    also your on the nooks 100 bestsellers list- i think the top 20 . . . anyways congrats R.L. šŸ™‚

  6. Avatar Sarah Clark says:

    *Congratulations* R.L. so happy for all these wonderful things coming your way because you truly deserve them. xoxo

  7. Avatar Hayley hunter says:

    Hey I have read the first 2 of ur neighbour from hell book but I can’t seem to find the 3rd unless its not on iBooks but love the read on the 1st and 2nd just need to read the third can u help me find it plz I need the read lol x thanks x

    • Avatar Christi says:

      Hello Haley. So glad you like the NFH series, they are alot of fun. As for the 3rd book, it’s not out yet. I have RL chained to her computer so she can hurry up and get it finished so we can edit and publish! I don’t have an eta for publication, but I’m guessing it will be mid to late fall!

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