Here we go again….sorry

Sorry about the double posts tonight.

I just wanted to announce that the prices of the books have to be brought back down to $0.99. I found out that the prices of my books vary all over the internet right now. Amazon is starting to pull the books because of a price contract break or something like that. Basically, Amazon doesn’t want to have the higher price and I don’t blame them. I tried to fix them, but the other sites haven’t received the price change from Smashwords which distributes the books, and since I don’t like drama, I am changing the prices back. I also don’t like the fact that depending on where people buy the books, they’re paying a higher price. That’s not fair to them.

So, the books that are already published will go back to 99 cents. It’s going to take a couple of days before the change happens. The new books will be $2.99. This should make things a lot simpler.

Thank you and sorry for the multiple emails tonight.

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    • Avatar Christi says:

      The next book to be released is Checkmate, it is the 3rd book in the Neighbors from Hell series. We plan to have that out in November πŸ™‚

  1. Avatar Sienna says:

    Hi I love ur pyte books I was wondering how far along book 4 was and when you think it will be out on amazon xx

    • Avatar Christi says:

      At this point, RL’s main focus is the 3rd book in the NFH series called Checkmate. After that is released, I will whip her into submission so she can work on the 4th Pyte/Sentinel book, I LOVE those books! The next one will be about Chloe and Christopher πŸ™‚

  2. Avatar Shani B. says:

    R.L. You seem a bit discouraged by this pricing business, but don’t despair. You have a wonderfully, awesome gift, and are seemingly an equally awesome person. Stay strong and know that we (readers) are in your corner! πŸ™‚

  3. Avatar jennifer says:

    Hi RL! I just wanted to say, I have enjoyed your books tremendously. I purchased one of the NFH books and loved it so much, i bought all your books. I would have paid trade book price or higher. They are worth it. Thank you. I can’t wait tor Checkmate to come out

  4. Avatar Dee Roam says:

    I love your book and waiting very impatiently for 3rd nfh. I believe that your readers would pay higher book prices for your books, they are so worth it!!! You truely have a gift and thank you for sharing it with us. I also real love hollywood heart series, is there more to come?

  5. Avatar cynthia says:

    I am really enjoying your Neighbor from Hell series and also Hollywood Hearts, please keep them coming a keep the series going.

  6. Avatar Connie LaCroix says:

    I only discovered you a few weeks ago and I’ve read every single book you’ve written. I am depressed having to wait until November for another book. I know you are really busy, but I am availble to assist with any proof reading if you require any assistance to get your books completed quicker. I know I sound crazy, but you are just amazing!

  7. Avatar Heather says:

    Sorry to hear about the issues complicating changing prices. I was wondering with all prices returning to the previous level, is there a way to tell which have been re-edited / updated? On your website or within the synopses on Amazon?

  8. Avatar Lindsey says:

    I’m sorry if you have already answered this question somewhere but, I promise I tried to find the answer!! πŸ™‚ but when will Christofer and Cloe’s story be coming out?? I’ve read all your other books so far and I can’t wait to dive into that one!! I’m sooooo excited :)))

  9. Avatar Jovanna says:

    Thanks for the clarification on Chloe and Cristofer’s book. I was wondering the same thing. I have to admit that I’m thoroughly intrigued with all your books. I have read them all and am anxiously waiting for your next release. I have told all my reading buddies that your books are truly entertaining…a MUST read :)! Please, please, please get Chloe’s book out soon. You captured my attention and I’m dying to know their story. Oh, and Kale…and Jill…and Johnathan…the list goes on and on ;)! Please keep writing fabulously and you have a loyal book follower here :)!

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