Happy New Year’s With An Excerpt

Happy New Years 😉

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I am posting an excerpt tonight, because I am still working on the Christmas Party. The CP will be part of Kenzie and Roger’s book so it’s taking a bit of time to get right.

I didn’t want to leave you without one last tease for the new year 🙂

From Irresistible:



“Hmm?” he murmured as he scrolled through his emails, forwarded some to his secretary, deleted some, flagged others all while debating running out to get some fresh prunes to add as a side to Melanie’s lunch and grabbing a burger and shake for himself.

Christ, he could go for a burger.

And fries.

Maybe some onion rings.


“Yeah?” he asked, double-checking his schedule to make sure that there weren’t any last-minute patients added to his day.

“I don’t want a salad.”

“It’s good for the baby,” he said absently, forwarding an email to his father, who wasn’t talking to him at the moment and-

“I’m going to say this once and only once,” Melanie said, wrapping her small hand around his tie and gave it a good tug so that they were almost eye to eye. “Do not come between me and my food or I will hurt you.”


“I will hurt you, Aidan. If you shove one more baby carrot or freaking plain, fat-free yogurt at me, I will tear you apart with my bare hands,” she bit out with a glare that told him that she’d start with his balls.


“I’m not one of your patients,” she informed him.


“So, stop treating me like one,” she said, before abruptly releasing his tie, turning around and waddling towards the bed only to pause to give the tray of fresh veggies that he’d left for her a look that made his balls pull up tightly in fear before climbing back into bed, curling up on her side and glaring at him with a look that dared him to offer her another baby carrot.

He opened his mouth to point out that she needed a wide variety of fruits and vegetables during her pregnancy, but the look she was giving him had him quickly shutting his mouth and clearing his throat. “What can I get you?”

In seconds, the glare was gone and in its place was that beautiful, sweet smile that had knocked him on his ass the first time around.

Oh, fuck no…

“I could really use a Bradford Special from Dixen’s Bakery,” she said while he nodded in agreement, because he could definitely use one of those as well.


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14 Responses to “Happy New Year’s With An Excerpt”

  1. Shelagh says:

    You mean to tell me there’s a place that the Bradford’s are not band from but they got their own special

  2. Tracey says:

    I love all of the books in NFH series.
    They leave me in hysterics, I cannot wait to meet Aidan properly.
    It seems he’s in for a special kind of hell, pregnancy hormones are dangerous… then add a Bradford lol

  3. Marie Bousfield says:

    I have never read a series so many times, and still laugh through them, there is nothing bad to say about any of them, once you have read the first you just have to keep going, this is such a captivating family I just can’t get enough, really really looking forward to aidens book, amazing series, love them all😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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