Happy Birthday: Part IV

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So, I decided to add a few more episodes to the Happy Birthday Chronicles at readers’ requests. They seemed to really enjoy Sebastian and Mikey’s antics so I decided to go for it.

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Happy Birthday

Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I don’t know about this,” Mikey said, worrying her bottom lip as she sent another nervous glance towards the bathroom door where Uncle Trevor was finishing up his shower.

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Sebastian promised her, still smiling smugly as he plopped down on the queen bed that he’d shared with his father last night until Uncle Trevor got sick of Sebastian kicking him and hogging the blankets and tossed him onto her bed.

At that point, Mikey had spent a majority of the night trying to get her best friend to stop hogging the blankets and kicking her in his sleep. When it had become obvious that nudging him awake every five minutes wasn’t going to work, she’d resorted to slapping a pillow over his head until he’d woken up sputtering and glaring at her. Once she’d been assured that they had an understanding over the blankets, she’d curled up on her side, closed her eyes, and gone to sleep, ignoring his demands that she at least share the sheet.

“You mean besides your father wringing your neck and mine beating me within an inch of my life and throwing me in a closet?” she asked, blinking at him.

Chuckling, Sebastian stood up. “Uncle Reese would never hurt you.”

“No, you’re right, but my mother would if I left this hotel room without Uncle Trevor,” she pointed out, wondering why he had to make everything so difficult.

Sebastian shrugged as he picked up Uncle Trevor’s phone and sent a text. “We’d be with Uncle Jason so I don’t really think she’d care, but if you want we can wait for Dad,” he said with another shrug, making her frown.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, pulling her hair back into a ponytail and when she was done, she grabbed her baseball off the bed and began rolling it between her hands.

“This,” Sebastian said quietly, glancing at the locked bathroom door as he pulled a brochure out of his back pocket and handed it to her.

Frowning, she couldn’t help but look up from the brochure describing the five star breakfast buffet that this hotel held every Sunday. “Isn’t this something that your father would want to know about?”

“Yes, yes it is,” he said, smiling as she sat there, shaking her head and wondering if she was ever truly going to understand her family’s obsession with food.

“Then why did you tell Uncle Jason?” she asked, hopping back on the bed so that she could lay back and relax while she waited for Uncle Trevor to finish his shower so that they could go home and help with the party.

“Because Uncle Jason was the highest bidder,” he said absently, as he sent another text.

“Highest bidder? For what?” she couldn’t help but ask, struggling to see where he was going with this.

“For the name and location of this buffet, Uncle Jared offered us fifty bucks. Uncle Ethan offered us a day at Six Flags. Uncle Collin offered to take us with him the next time he had to go to Florida for work and-”

“And Uncle Jason?” she asked, wondering what he could have offered that could beat a day at Six Flags and a possible trip to Disney World.

“Tickets to watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox at Fenway,” Sebastian said, smiling hugely as he tossed the phone aside and headed for the hotel door.

“Seriously?” Mikey asked, tossing her ball aside as she climbed off the bed and followed him to the door.

“Mmmhmm. There’s also the entertainment that will come from this,” he said, as he opened the hotel door to find Jason standing there waiting.

“What are you talking about?” she couldn’t help but ask.

With a smile, Sebastian said, “You’ll see,” as he handed the brochure that he’d grabbed from the hotel foyer last night over to Uncle Jason, who shot them a wink before he turned around and walked away, leaving them standing there while she tried to figure out what just happened.


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  1. Avatar Monika says:

    I absolutely love the Chronicles! What a great way to keep up with some of my favorite characters. Thank you so much for these updates.

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