Game of Thrones: Part II

Apologies for the wait, I lost power Sunday and didn’t get a chance to do this until today.   Small Chronicle tonight, which will lead to a longer one Sunday 🙂


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Game of Thrones

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“What are you doing?” Jason asked, blinking down at his wife as she…

Well, he wasn’t really sure what she was doing, but he was starting to become somewhat concerned with what all the wiggling was doing to the baby. Sighing, he wrapped his free arm around her and carried her back to the bed. While she glared at him, and god was she fucking cute, he sat back down on the bed and-

“Where the hell are you going?” he couldn’t help but wonder when she ripped the modem out of his hand and stormed off towards their bedroom door only to return two minutes later, looking adorably pissed.

With a glare, she pushed her glasses back up her nose, mumbled something that he couldn’t understand and-


-angrily climbed over him, not caring where her knee landed as she went. Once she made it to her side, she sat back, sent him a warning glare, shifted back, grabbed the bowl of Reese’s Pieces that he’d had his eye on her earlier and placed it on her lap, grabbed the remote, turned the television on and with one last warning, sat back and tossed a handful of Reese’s Pieces in her mouth.

Frowning, he shifted his attention to the television and-

“What’s this?” he asked as he reached over and found his hand slapped away right around the time she shushed him.

Sighing heavily, he crossed his arms over his chest and shifted his attention back to the TV just as someone did something with a sword. After that…he had absolutely no fucking clue what was going on.

“Why are they-”



“I will kill you,” his unreasonably angry wife bit out coldly.

For a moment, he considered leaving and doing something else, but since he was already comfortable and didn’t feel like getting up…

He shifted to get more comfortable and sighed, debating calling it an early night as he sat there wondering why his wife was watching, already bored out of his fucking mind. Maybe he should-

“Wait. What just happened?” he asked, trying to figure out what just happened.


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