Game of Thrones Chronicle: Part III

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Game of Thrones Chronicle

Part III

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Shhhh, my show’s about to start,” Jason said as he tossed a handful of peanut butter M&Ms, peanut butter M&Ms because he felt that they went better with Game of Thrones than Reese’s Pieces, as Haley sat there, glaring at the large bastard that was quickly ruining what she’d waited two years for.

“I-I will kill you,”she barely managed to get through the rage that had been building over the past seven weeks since the man that she was seriously considering smothering with a pillow decided that Game of Thrones was his favorite show.

“It’s gonna have to wait until after my show, my little grasshopper,” he said distractedly as he reached over and-

“Hey!” she gasped in outrage when he gave her a nudge to get off the bed, the bed that she’d reserved for every Sunday at 9pm for the past eight weeks so that she could watch her show in peace.

“It’s starting,” he said, shoving another handful of candy in his mouth as he settled in to watch hershow.

If she’d known that this was how it was going end up, she would have locked their bedroom door eight weeks ago. In her defense, she never thought that she’d have to worry about Jason becoming obsessed with her show. One second, he was glaring at her because he was bored and the next…

He was turning off the latest episode halfway through, starting the entire series over again, stealing her bowl of Reese’s pieces, and shushing her anytime she opened her mouth. For the past seven weeks she’d been forced to remind herself that she loved him while she’d been forced to endure him as he’d binge watched his way through eight seasons of Game of Thrones until he finally managed to catch up this morning just in time for the series finale. If he’d done it like a normal person it would have been fine, but this was Jason. For the past seven weeks she’d been forced to deal with sulking, pouting, waking up to find him shouting at the television at three in the morning, nonstop debates about who was going to get the throne, and glares whenever she pointed out that the dragons needed to be killed off.

And now, now that the day that she’d been waiting for was finally here, he was ruining it. With a glare, she reached over to grab a handful of peanut butter M&Ms only to narrow her eyes when Jason pulled the large bowl away with another shush and a, “It’s starting.”

“Not for another hour,” she bit out as she shoved the covers aside and climbed out of bed, deciding that she should probably go do something else for the next hour for the sake of their marriage. With one last glare, she headed for the bedroom door and stormed out of the room only to gasp and turned around in disbelief when she heard the door close behind her and the sound of the lock clicking into place with a, “I really just can’t work like this.”

 “What the hell just happened?” she asked even as she continued standing there, staring at her closed bedroom door, trying to figure out how it had come to this.

 She was going to have break out the fists of fury on her husband.

With that in mind, she clenched her fists, took a step towards the locked door and-

“Oh, come on!” she said in outrage when she found herself plucked off the floor before she could give into the urge to beat her husband with a pillow and found herself carefully placed over her son’s shoulder and heading towards his room.

“No,” Cole simply said.


“No,” he repeated, making her sigh and her shoulders slump in defeat because she’d really been looking forward to beating Jason with a pillow.

“I just wanted to beat him,” she said around a small sniffle.

“I know,” Cole said with a sigh, “we all do.”

“My show is on!” Jason yelled, making her left eye twitch as she made plans for revenge…Game of Thrones style.


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