First Pay it 4ward Friday is here :)

It’s Pay it 4ward Friday and I’m checking in 🙂

I started small this week and kept it pretty simple, but hopefully the act was passed along. This week with Pay it 4ward Friday in mind I stopped or slowed down enough to allow a car that was waiting to pull onto the road do just that.

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but waiting to pull onto a road can be pretty stressful, especially if you have a car behind you getting impatient and no one’s willing to stop or slow down long enough so that you can pull out onto the road. What makes it worse is when there’s a long line of cars and you’re force to take a chance and pull onto the road when it’s pretty tight. I’ve seen dozens of near accidents because of this over the years.

So this week I decided that I would hopefully pass some good driving karma around and made it a point to allow drivers waiting on the sidelines to safely pull onto the road or I’ve slowed down long enough for people to switch lanes in front of me. It’s a small act, but a considerate one and hopefully those that I allowed to cut in front of me with copy the act.


Well, that’s my Pay it 4ward act for the week and one I plan on continuing with. Anyone want to share?

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