Father’s Day Treat..Part I

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The 2016 Father’s Day Special:

A Trip to the Hospital: Part I

The day you’ve all (well, some of you at least) have been waiting for…

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Oh my God!” Zoe gasped in pain as she slapped her hand down hard on the kitchen island, leaned over and groaned as the contraction that she was pretending wasn’t happening nearly knocked her on her ass.

            “Everything okay, sweetheart?” he asked casually as he leaned back in his chair, glad the kids were at their Uncle Jared’s so that they wouldn’t have to see this sad display of bullshit.

            Slapping a smile on her face, Zoe said, “Yes, yes of course it is.”

            “Uh huh,” he said with a sigh as he watched the stubborn woman take a deep breath, try to stand up only to leaned back down, all while throwing him that tightlipped smile that wasn’t fooling anyone.

            “Do you want to eat now or wait until the barbeque?” she asked, clearly trying to distract him with the promise of food.

            “We can grab something at the hospital,” he said, deciding that this little charade of hers had gone on long enough.

            “Why…,” she started to say only to let her words trail off with a gasp as she grabbed onto the edge of the counter and tried to breathe through the pain.

            “Fucking unbelievable,” he mumbled as he stood up and pulled his phone out of his back pocket so that he could send Darrin a text message, letting him know that it was time.

            “I’m fine!” the adorable little liar that was practically falling over thanks to that large belly that he swore was bigger than her, snapped, apparently dead set on pissing him off today.

            “Let’s go,” he said, wrapping his arm around her body so that he could hold onto her as he helped her to the car.

            “No, I’m fine,” she argued as she settled against him and allowed him to guide her towards the garage door.

            Thank God Marybeth had insisted on taking care of Zoe’s bag and had done all the prep work for this day. It was normally something that he handled when Zoe was pregnant and usually ended up screwing up when it was time to head to the hospital. This time she was carrying his cousin’s children and all he had to focus on was keeping her safe.

            It was a relief, but it was also pure hell, because for the past few months he’d been struggling not to grow attached to the babies that she was carrying. They weren’t his and he knew that, but it was difficult to feel that way when he held her at night and could feel the babies move against his arm or when he simply looked at her. He loved being a father and would give anything to fall asleep with a baby curled up in his arms one more time.

            Then again, with three babies that would mean three times the feedings, changing more diapers, chasing after them as well as three times as many nervous breakdowns. He didn’t miss sleepless nights, going into work in the morning only to realize that he was covered in spit-up, or realizing that he’d accidentally grabbed a bottle of breast milk instead of his thermos.

            He sighed as he helped her through the garage door and into his SUV. This time, he was going to be able to enjoy all the fun stuff with the babies and none of the soul crushing duties that came with being the parents of triplets. This really might not be so bad, he realized as he carefully closed her door.

            “I’m fine. Really,” the little fibber said as he climbed in the car.

            “And the contractions?” he asked, cocking a brow as he waited for her latest line of bullshit to get out of going, because she was determined to put off pushing three babies from her body until it was absolutely necessary.

            Not that he could blame her, because he really couldn’t, but it had to be done and they both knew it.

            “They’re just stomach cramps from working out,” she bit out.

            “Working out?” he asked, wondering if she was referring to the times when she had to wiggle, shimmy and roll to her side to get off the couch.

            “Yes! Working out!” she snapped a bit angrily as she glared at him, getting that look in her eye that she always got just before she gave birth.

            She wanted to go for his balls.

            Great, he thought dryly as he started the car and pulled out of the garage. This was just what he needed today, he thought just as the screaming began…


To be continued…


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17 Responses to “Father’s Day Treat..Part I”

  1. Avatar Stephanie says:

    OMG! Can’t wait for the triple comedy to begin for Darrin, Marybeth, Trevor and Zoe. Good times!!!!?

  2. Avatar Kimberly Clark says:

    What a tease!!!! I’ve been waiting for so long and now I still have to wait. Although, if her labor is like any of the ones I’ve a part of you could stretch this out for weeks. Totally love the beginning. It’s so like Zoe to ignore her labor and pretend they’re cramps from exercising. Lol.

  3. Avatar Terry says:

    Omg! Can wait to see how three babies work out for darrin and Marybeth! Good thing they are a very helpful large family ?❤️

  4. Avatar Kelly says:

    SQEEEEEEE….. Zoe in labor!!!! Why do I get this strange feeling this might not be a simple drive to the hospital??? ? oh oh Trevor…..

  5. Avatar Dayong says:

    I wish Trevor and Zoe get more children. It will be so fun reading about how Zoe and Trevor raise their children.

  6. Avatar Lisa Zeigler says:

    Oh my goodness, that is funny and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Love all things Bradford.

  7. Avatar Tara says:

    Thanks for giving me a gift on Father’s Day! I love a good baby story! Especially now that mine are teenagers . I know how Trevor feels about wanting a baby fix, but not missing the all nighters and hard work. They just grow up so fast.

  8. Avatar Angela Wade says:

    Yay! The day we have been waiting for!!!!! So excited for the rest of the Chronicle! I love the bit about Trevor getting semi attached to the babies and then talking himself right out of it! (typical Trevor, LOL)
    Thanks for sharing your creative mind with us!

  9. Avatar Tarra says:

    I love Trevor and Zoe, they are my favorite Bradfords, I am excited to see the rest of this, so excited for Mary Beth and Darrin, I love these characters and they feel like real people to me!!

  10. Avatar Susanne says:

    I still can’t believe after twice giving birth to twins, Zoe would sign up for this kind of punishment! LMAO….Love these people!

  11. Avatar Meagan says:

    I was waiting to see how all this would turn out. I’m glad you at least mentioned Trevor’s conflicting feelings about babies and fatherhood, because surrogate motherhood is such a complicated topic. I’ve actually been wondering how he and Zoe will handle being the non-parents after nine months of caring for them (and how Darrin and Marybeth are going to explain everything to their children when they get old enough).

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