Excerpt from Misunderstood and Chapter 10 of the Pregnancy Chronicles

Excerpt from Misunderstood

Coming December 15, 2020

“Are you crazy?” Sebastian managed to get out before the crazed girl who had somehow managed to tackle him to the floor threw more facecloths at him.

“Yes!” Mikey hissed out as she blindly reached over, grabbed a handful of cotton balls and-

Forced him to turn his head before she could make him eat the damn things as she continued ranting at him. “You are not getting your GED! Do you hear me, Sebastian Bradford? You are going to find a way to get your stubborn butt back in school and you are going to-”

“What the hell is going on in here?” Aunt Kasey demanded, cutting Mikey off mid-rant.

Eyes narrowing in warning as she forced herself to release the handful of cotton swabs that he hadn’t seen her grab, Mikey slowly nodded her head and bit out, “This isn’t over,” as she climbed off him.

With one last glare, she turned to face her mother and said, “He called me a filthy Mudblood,” effectively keeping her word.

Without missing a beat, Aunt Kasey blinked at her daughter and asked, “Aren’t you?”

Nodding slowly, Mikey said, “We are no longer speaking.”

“At least he didn’t call you a Squib,” her mother said, making Sebastian bite back a smile as he got to his feet just in time to see Mikey narrow her eyes on her mother before she turned around and stormed off, leaving them to follow after her.

“Then I’ll go where I’m wanted, woman!” Mikey said with a huff as she grabbed her book, headed toward the front door, and-

“Don’t forget a jacket,” Aunt Kasey reminded her, sounding amused as she watched Mikey pause by the coatrack, narrow her eyes on both of them as she blindly reached up and pulled Sebastian’s sweatshirt off the hook.

Mumbling what he thought was, “Filthy Mudbloods,” she yanked his sweatshirt on and shoved her book in the large pocket before she continued to the front door where she once again paused so that she could shake her head in disgust and mumble, “This isn’t over,” as she let herself out.

“That was my sweatshirt,” Sebastian said, unable to help but frown because he actually liked that sweatshirt.

“Yeah, you’re never getting that back,” Aunt Kasey said with a pitying look before she returned her attention to whatever she was doing in the kitchen.

“That’s what I thought,” Sebastian said, sighing heavily as he headed outside in time to see Mikey, who was adorably pissed, storm across the front yard, pause when she came to the street to look both ways, giving him enough time to catch up with her, and once she was assured that it was safe to go, she stormed across the street, up his driveway, and let herself in the front door.

Sebastian closed the door behind them while Mikey grumbled to herself as she walked around the dinner table, pausing to pet his mother’s dogs and completely oblivious to the amused looks that his family was sending her before she dropped down in the seat next to Jonathan, grabbed a paper plate and helped herself to a slice of cheese pizza from one of the many pizza boxes piled high on the large kitchen table.

“Hey, sweetie, how was your day?” his mother asked him, smiling warmly as she finished pulling what he thought might be a pan of baked spaghetti with extra tomato sauce out of the oven before she walked over and pulled him down for a hug only to frown. “It’s freezing outside. Where’s your sweatshirt?”

“Mikey stole it,” Sebastian said, shrugging it off as he leaned down and kissed her cheek.

“I needed to establish dominance,” Mikey said, nodding solemnly and making his father’s lips twitch as Sebastian walked around the table and-

“Hey!” Mathew snapped with a murderous glare as he found himself unceremoniously shoved off his chair so that Sebastian could sit across from Mikey, who he was guessing wasn’t talking to him at this point. “You could have just asked, jerk.”

“I could have,” Sebastian admitted as he reached over and plucked the slice of pizza that looked delicious out of Mikey’s hands before she could take another bite.

Mumbling to herself, something that he noticed that she did a lot when she was cranky, she grabbed another slice of pizza that he would probably steal as Mathew sat down next to him with a sigh and shot Jessica, who was too busy trying to finish her homework while she ate to really care what was going on, a pathetic pout that she easily ignored.

“What happened to your hand?” Jonathan asked, making Sebastian bite back a curse.

“Oh, my god! Sweetie, what happened?” his mother asked, worrying her bottom lip as she took in the bandage that Mikey wrapped around his hand.

Before he got a chance to answer, Mikey said, “He talked back,” only to nod to herself as she added, “He’ll learn.”

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Chapter 10

The Pregnancy Chronicles

9 Months Pregnant…

“Definitely a mistake,” Haley said, slowly exhaling as she closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the bathroom counter while she waited for what she was really hoping was just Braxton Hicks to finish.

When the pain finally stopped, she released a shuddering sigh, moved to stand up only to decide against it and continue staring at the bathroom floor. Jason was definitely going to kill her, she thought, reaching up to push her glasses back up her nose as she stood there, debating her options.

She could continue standing there, hunched over while she waited for the next contraction to tear through her or she could try to shuffle her way back into the living room where she’d foolishly left her phone. Definitely going to kill her, Haley thought with a whimper as she slowly shuffled her way to the door and–

Decided that this would be a perfect spot to scream her head off.

Decision made, Haley tightened her hand around the bathroom counter and screamed her head off as the pain tore through her back and around to her stomach, destroying every last hope that this was Braxton Hicks. Unable to take anymore, Haley carefully lowered herself to the floor as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Your brothers and sister will be home soon, sweetie,” Haley promised as she placed her hands on her large belly, wondering what she was going to do even as she couldn’t help but smile.

They were having another baby boy.

She knew that Jason had been hoping for another baby girl to spoil and as much as she would have loved to have another little girl, she was just excited to have another baby in her arms. She missed holding her babies. But she didn’t miss this part, Haley decided as another contraction hit.

Definitely time to get off the floor, Haley decided as she struggled to breathe through the contraction as she reached up and grabbed hold of the doorknob. Slowly exhaling, she pulled the door open and–

“We talked about this, my little grasshopper,” Jason said with a sad shake of his head as he knelt down next to her and pressed his lips against her forehead.

“What are you doing here?” she asked with a watery smile.

“Duncan called me,” he said, placing his hand over hers where it laid on her belly.

“Duncan called you?” Haley asked, unable to help but frown.

“Mmmhmm, seems that one of the neighbors heard a bloodcurdling scream and called 911. He thought it might be a good idea to give me a call,” Jason said as he helped her to her feet.

“I forgot the phone in the living room,” she said around a whimper.

“Which is why I’m going to spank your ass when this is all over,” Jason said conversationally as he helped her walk out of the bathroom and onto the stretcher waiting in the small hallway.

“But…my poor ass,” Haley mumbled as her attention shifted to the paramedics and firefighters waiting to take her to the hospital.

“Will be properly spanked when this is all over,” Jason told her with a quick kiss on her lips as she shifted her attention to Duncan, who was securing her to the stretcher.

“How far apart are you?” he asked, shifting his attention to a bottle of oxygen.

“A few minutes,” she said, watching him as he worked.

Nodding, he asked, “Has your water broken yet?”

Closing her eyes, Haley said, “I’m pretty sure that it just did.”


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