Easter Surprise

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Easter Surprise

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“How many bags does that make?” Jason asked even as he stared down at the massive amount of empty plastic Easter eggs that needed to be filled for the Fire Department’s annual Easter egg hunt.

“Thirty-five bags,” Jodi, his cousin by marriage, mumbled from where she lay, curled up on the couch across from him with her hand resting on the large swell of her stomach.

“That’s what you said an hour ago,” Danny said, glaring down at his wife even as he reached over and covered her hand with his own.

“It would probably be easier to figure out how many bags are left,” Zoe pointed out from the other side of the room where she was playing with Darrin and Marybeth’s triplets.

“Probably,” Haley agreed absently from where she sat next to him, grading papers and absently devouring another large bowl of grapes.

“Mmmhmm,” Darrin and Marybeth mumbled from where they laid curled up on the other couch, looking exhausted. Not that he could blame them.

“How many eggs did Duncan say we needed?” Trevor asked from where he lounged near the baby blanket, smiling down as one of the triplets tried gnawing off his finger.

“Weren’t they supposed to be back by now?” Haley asked, shifting to get more comfortable next to him.

“About an hour ago,” he said, shoving one more piece of chocolate into an egg as he shared a look with Danny, who must have realized that they were the only dumb bastards actually doing this.

With a nod, Danny tossed the bag of empty eggs aside, grabbed the cane that he only used when his back was acting up, and with a grunt, got to his feet. Jason somehow resisted the urge to help his cousin, knowing that he wouldn’t appreciate it. Instead, he headed towards the front door so that they could find out what was taking Duncan and Necie so long.

Yanking open the front door, they stepped outside and looked towards the ambulance that they were supposed to be loading the eggs into. They cursed when they saw Duncan push his wife up against the side of the ambulance, devouring her mouth even as he struggled to button his shirt, which told them everything that they needed to know.

The little bastard couldn’t be trusted.

Granted, they should have learned that lesson from the Christmas party when the two of them were supposed to make an emergency run out and pick up more ice, but apparently only made it as far as Duncan’s truck where they’d spent the next two hours steaming up the windows. Then there was New Year’s Eve when the two of them had slipped into a back closet at the Town Hall where the town was throwing a party only to end up giving the PA system a different kind of countdown for the entire town to welcome the new year to.

He refused to think about Valentine’s Day, but at least he now knew better than to hand his keys over to the lovesick bastard.

“You know that we’re going to end up bringing the eggs to the station, right?” Danny asked with a heavy sigh as they watched Necie drag the bastard back into the ambulance.

“Yeah,” Jason said, rubbing the back of his neck as he thought about all those eggs waiting for them to fill and realized that he just couldn’t do it.

He just couldn’t.

“We should probably go check on Lucifer,” Danny said casually as he shifted the cane in his hands.

Thinking about the angry bastard that ran one of the best restaurants in town, Jason couldn’t help but nod in agreement. “We definitely should.”

“He probably misses us.”

“Without a doubt,” Jason said, already heading towards his truck with Danny by his side, not bothering to point out that they’d been there last night or that they’d been kicked out for abusing the Happy Hour appetizer deal. Since Lucifer hadn’t exactly told them that they were banned, they had a loophole, one they fully planned on exploiting.

Before they reached his truck they both stopped, stepped out of the way and allowed the small woman that was waddling to catch up with them to pass.

“Fire & Brimstone?” Jodi asked, already heading for his truck and making Jason smile, because there was just something adorable about a woman trying to keep up with the Bradford appetite while she was pregnant.

It made him wonder how long it was going to take Haley to figure out that her new fruit addiction probably had something to do with the fact that she was two weeks late.

God, he hoped so.


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15 Responses to “Easter Surprise”

  1. Avatar Clare says:

    YES!!! This always makes me so happy! I actually just started rereading NFH all over again two days ago. *sigh* i just love this so much.

  2. Avatar Kelly says:

    Easter with the Bradford’s …….perfect……and those Bradford men are pretty efficient with fertilizing eggs if they don’t say so themselves 😉

  3. Avatar Liz J says:

    Oh my gosh!! I have been waiting for anotber chronicle of the NFH! I love seeing my favorite characters. This was great. I cannot wait for another book! I am hanging on by a thread!!

  4. Avatar Sheila reed says:

    Please have another book ready soon ,I love this ,I need to know about Jason, and all the rest please

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