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Okay, I have this idea and I’m hoping that this is something that many of you can support. As you know I’m working on the next NFH book. I’m hoping to have it out during the summer, but here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m going to hold off publishing it.

Here’s why. I am going to offer an advanced copy, (ebook) to those of you who help me out here. To everyone that backs me up and helps me out I will give you an advanced copy. I will be asking for a huge favor. I’m not joking. I know it’s only a book and it will only cost a dollar to buy so it’s really not that big of a motivation to do what I’m asking, but I’m hoping that you’ll do it anyway.

This is what I’m willing to give the book away for:

A charitable act.

That’s it.

I’d like a picture of you giving someone a helping hand. What I’d really like to see is a blood donation, cleaning up a park, donating your old clothes that don’t fit, donating food to a pantry, walking to raise money for a good cause, etc.

I know this is asking a lot for an ebook that only cost a buck, but I’m hoping to entice you even just a little bit to help me out here.

I will hold off publishing Checkmate for at least 20 days once it’s done for this project. The charitable act has to occur during that time and I’d like a picture 🙂 In return you get a copy of Checkmate to read and hopefully enjoy.

Sound good?

I’m hoping it does. If you can’t do this, that’s more than fine. No worries, I understand. I’m only going to hold off for twenty days, but I’m hoping to give away a lot of copies. Thanks for your time,


********** Please don’t send in any pictures just yet! It’s great that you want to help and I encourage that, but for this little program you have to wait until the book is done and then you have to have this little sign that I’m going to make so that you can print up or draw on your own in the picture to prove when you did it. You don’t have to be in the picture, but your good deed does. You can have your kids, dog, volunteers where you do your good deed hold up the sign, but it has to be in it to count. Again, don’t let this time frame stop you from doing something, anything in the meantime 🙂

21 Responses to “Early Heads Up”

  1. Avatar kim says:

    great idea… if it gets some of us off our butts to do good things i,m in.. i’ll be sending my pic in soon… does lending someone a dollar so they can buy a condum count?( I work in an adult store and lend people, usualy 18 year olds that don’t have a buck, a dollar since I only work there I can’t give em away……. love to promote safe sex and they actualy come back and shop.lol

    • Avatar Therasa says:

      Hell yeah, I want an advanced copy. I love your books and cant wait for the next. I have turned my friends on to them as well.

      …and this is such an easy request for my NFH fix I have waiting on.


    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Thanks, Katie 🙂 But don’t send in any pics yet. There are a few rules for this little deal. Number 1, it won’t count until the book is finished 🙂 This was just a heads up. I clarified it just now in the post so that I don’t confuse anyone else. Sorry 🙂

  2. Avatar Angeline says:

    Where can we send the picture to 🙂 I just donated a wholebunch of clothes to one of those clothes bins they have them everywhere where I live 🙂 and books 🙂

  3. Avatar Catherine says:

    Cool idea. While I do volunteer every now and then but I hate having to be in pictures. Not comfy being in front of camera. What sign does the pic has to have?

  4. Avatar Norma Gallacher says:

    Love this idea and love your books. I donate to a thrift shop regularly, I’ve just donated some furniture for people who have been homeless and are setting up a new home. I expect to be doing something similar in the very near future, so I’ll ask the lovely ladies who work there if they would mind taking a picture to prove it. Looking forward to the new book.
    Norma xx

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Thank you, Norma 🙂 That is an incredibly sweet thing to do 🙂 I’ll announce when I’ll be accepting pictures and the “Sign” is available for this project 🙂

  5. Avatar Heather says:

    Thank you so much… Just one question is there any possible way to have it go thru amazon for us that have kindle fire n “not” iPads for the early release? I only ask because I am volunteering at my local animal shelter n am eagerly awaiting the next NFH book. Also while I am there telling people about thus hilarious self-publishised author I’m obsessed with… Oh Wait yea that would be you! Please tell me there is an “amazon” way..

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      The next book will be held off on publishing for 20 days for the charity program that I’m trying to get off the ground. During those twenty days I’m asking that people take pictures of their kind acts with a sign that they’ll be able to print when it’s time, but not before the book is ready 🙂 The free download will come from another site. When the book is published it will be available at Amazon.com in a day or two after I publish it. Hope that answered your question 🙂

  6. Avatar Ashley says:

    I luv this idea and all in! I’ve read all ur books and have got my sister hooked in the mean time!

  7. Avatar Anj says:

    Hi, can I just say that this is a fab idea and very altruistic of you! I live in England am I able to join the charitable fun? Also, any ideas when we can start sending in the pics? Can’t wait for the next NFH book!

  8. Avatar Sherry Thomson says:

    I’m donating blood on Thursday….I’ll glady pay $1 (or UK equivalent)….for your hard work and making me a happy girl! I’d pay loads more to be fair. Can’t wait for Checkmate!! Think I’m the same excited as new True Blood this weekend – Yay! Life is good! Haha. x

  9. Avatar Ronnie says:

    This is a wonderful idea! When will the sign be ready to include with the picture? Love your stories. Have been waiting for the 3rd neighbor book, its so hard to wait *so excited* *big smiles*

  10. Avatar Hannah says:

    Hey I just wanted to say that I love, love, love your books and can not wait for checkmate. I stumbled across perfection at the beginning of the year and finished it in less than twenty four hours. I have read all of your books that have been published so far. I think that this is a great idea that you have come up with for people to get an advanced copy. I’m going to go to a blood drive at work (Canberra Hospital). And I was just wondering if I could enter the contest via Australia? (which is where my work is LOL)
    By the way Canberra if you don’t already know is the capital Australia, just thought I should mention because some people think that Sydney in the capital of Aus. And sorry this is a rrreeeaaalllyyy long comment! LOL

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      The charitable acts mission or whatever we’re going to call it won’t be open until the book is done. I will set up something here for everyone to post their pictures plus a little description 🙂

  11. Avatar Kristen says:

    Love this idea! Until I got pregnant I went to the blood bank every 8 weeks like clock work. It is one of the things I miss and can’t wait to start again. I also will have maternity and per pregnancy clothing to donate soon. Such an inspiration to do good things this summer!

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