Double Dare Announcement

Double dareI would first like to start of with a huge apology and perhaps a favor not to beat me, but I need to delay the release of Double Dare by a month. 

I’ve had a few setbacks, namely the kids being sick and all the lovely snow days that we’ve been hit with. I am going to try to get the book out before April 30th, but that is my safety date as of right now. 

I know some of you are really upset and are cursing me out and I apologize for that. This one was definitely out of my control.

To make it up to you, I am going to do something that I was planning on saving for another book. I am going to add Jodi’s experience having the twins….with an epidural……. As those of you who have read The Game Plan, you know that this will probably not end well for the Bradfords. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

I will do my best to get it done as quickly as humanly possibly without compromising the quality of the story.


54 Responses to “Double Dare Announcement”

  1. Avatar Erin says:

    you’re an amazing author who has to put family first no one is going to curse you out or be mean to you for that hot three manageable missing that’s amazing! I know I might not be speaking for everyone here but I know everyone who actually cares about what an amazing Author that you are doesn’t care if you have to push back the date we’re still getting another amazing novel from a great series! In my opinion it’s family first! And you always have great teazers on Facebook anyway and of course we can’t forget the chronicles!

  2. Avatar Shanny says:

    I totally understand and even though would of loved it before I moved to have time to enjoy it. I get get it. Happy writing

  3. Avatar Mary smith says:

    I certainly understand. I do not envy you all the lousy snow and ice nor the kids being sick. Sometimes planned things just don’t work out. Whenever you get it finished will be fine. Family comes first before anything else.

  4. Avatar Michelle says:

    Well R.L., you turned my frown upside down. I felt more than appeased and willing to set aside the tar and feathers (just kidding), after reading that you would add the Jodi hospital scene to the new release. After reading her “side-effects” in The Game Plan, I was exhausted for the Bradfords. Super characters – Still a Fan!

  5. Avatar Blair says:

    you were one of my first authors I read when I started reading on a regular basis and I will always wait for your next book no matter how long it takes. So worth the wait.

  6. Avatar Irish Grimes says:

    I totally understand take your time take care of thbut more importantly take care of yourself it will come to you it will be great

  7. Avatar Christi says:

    “We “(your true blue fans) totally understand and wish your family Good Health. Oh and THANK YOU for Jodi having an epidural….I’m sure this is going to be Freaking hilarious!

  8. Avatar Jenn K says:

    Ultimately your family needs to be your first priority. Though we are saddened by the delay, it’s because we love your books and look forward to them… which should be taken as a compliment to your writing…. but those that are not nice about it need to get a life!

  9. Avatar Denise Navone says:

    Awwww, we understand. And now it is days after my birthday so that makes it even better for me to look forward too.

  10. Avatar Rebecca San says:

    I totally understand, family first and for most especially when it’s the kids. Just hope that maybe you can give us very loyal readers another little tease passage while you come along to finishing it. But, honestly happy writing.

  11. Avatar Monica says:

    No worries. Life happens. Your true fans will sit patiently and wait. Just keep the chronicles coming to hold us over! Lol.

  12. Avatar Donnia Cartwright says:

    R.L……It doesn’t matter to any of us when you release the books. Being Mom comes first. We, your rabid fans, will forever creep you and wait on the sidelines, hanging on every little word you tease us with. Take care of yourself and the kids. It’s only 25 days to spring. Woo hoo!!! And hey, the end of April is my anniversary. Hubby can buy me the book as an anniversary gift!!! SWEET!!!

  13. Avatar Wendy says:

    this series is definitely one I need on my favorite signed shelf, do you sell signed copies or only at signings? And don’t ask me to pick a favorite Bradford, it’s impossible.

  14. Avatar Danielle Kincaid says:

    Don’t apologize. We have been lucky and blessed with the speed you normally write at. Life is full of curve balls and none of us are immune. Write what you want to when you can. Loyal fans like me will always be here, ready to support you. <3

  15. Avatar Justine says:

    DUDE! I am just elated to be getting another Bradford book before the end of the year!! Woo hoo! Take your time hooker, i will be happily awaiting your goods!

  16. Avatar Tracy M says:

    The book will be here when it and you are ready!!
    Will be patient for a while longer. 🙂

    Hope the kids are better now. xx

  17. Avatar Aimee says:

    O.M.G. Jodi and an epidural?! You are forgiven! 😉 Family comes first, take care! I am sure the book will be worth the wait. 🙂

  18. Avatar Aimee Wilcox says:

    Do what you gotta do! Another month won’t kill anyone and anyone who is mad can suck it up. I’d rather wait and have quality… 🙂

  19. Avatar Marcy C says:

    Quality is better than quantity! I’d rather wait a bit for an outstanding book than to settle for a rushed one. Hope things get back to normal for you soon!

  20. Avatar Cyndee says:

    Family comes first before anything else! We totally understand and your books are so worth waiting for! No need to apologize.

  21. Avatar Sharon McDougall says:

    Family comes first. You shouldn’t have to explain for the delay your loyal fans would have the patience to wait.

  22. Avatar Randi says:

    Would never curse you for delaying. Life happens and hopefully we all understand that! If not…not your problem, it’s theirs. Lol. I can’t wait to read the next Bradford installment!!! I’m hooked and I’m super excited about reading Jod 🙂 Thank you!!

  23. Avatar Gina Failla says:

    Disappointed? Of course. Going to beat you? Nope! Your books are worth waiting for. We all have things that come up to side track us. No worries!

  24. Avatar Dawn says:

    Sweetie, you take any time you need and we will all patiently wait here. We may not wait quietly but we will wait patiently, sort of.

  25. Avatar Laura Rose says:

    Who cares when it comes out x we know it will and it will be awesome x family first! Take care of them and the rest will take care of itself xxx

  26. Avatar Nora A says:

    Your family is priority, there is no need for an apology. We’ll be waiting patiently 🙂 your books are always worth the wait.

  27. Avatar Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    No lynch mobs…honest….we understand…..sniff….snuffell….yes, we really do, sometimes life just gets in the way. Seriously, take care of those babies and NEVER apologize for being a great mom!

  28. Avatar Heather D says:

    Its all good! I’ll just have to read all the your books for the 29th time!…who am i kidding?! I am doing that anyway!! Love your books!

  29. Avatar Veronica says:

    Please don’t worry too much. We understand how it goes! Life happens! I will just have to re-read the series over again to pass the time.

  30. Avatar Jessica says:

    I just read all of the Neighbor from Hell books and the Chronicles. Each one generated a huge smile. I am just excited that I get to read another Bradford story so soon!

  31. Avatar Michaela says:

    I wasn’t even aware that another book from you would be out so soon.
    You’re very fast writing your books (With other authors you can be happy if they write one a year or every few years). So take your time, and don’t stress yourself too much. We’ll be (patiently) waiting for your next book (And until then rereading the ones already out is always fun)

  32. Avatar Annette Kolb says:

    What more can I say that haven’t been said yet. Looking forward reading more of your books. We all have kids and there for very understanding. Thanks for loads of good reads

  33. Avatar jamie says:

    I totally get it. Shit happens. Also, with everything- being inspired in the story doesn’t fick on and off like a lamp switch. Take your time. Loyal fans will wait it out

  34. Avatar Cheryl says:

    Get it out when you can. I love your books!! This has got to be the worst, or close enough to the worst, winters we’ve had for snow accumulation. Our school committee is still trying to figure out where we can make up snow days. S*#t happens!!
    As long as you keep coming out with new books for any of your series, I am happy! Again, Love, Love, Love, Love your books!!!!!

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