Dear Reader….

Dear Reader,

It’s me again (waves nervously) and I have a few things I wanted to talk to you about. The first thing we need to talk about is Reese’s story. For the past month I have been trying to write his book and I am getting absolutely nowhere. The problem is that I’m not feeling the characters yet, the urgent need to write their story, or seeing their story play out. What I can see play out quite vividly is Aidan’s story, Kale’s story and the next Historical NFH novel. 

They’re freaking bugging me day and night while I’m struggling to get into Reese’s story. I picked Reese’s story to write, because I promised everyone that story and the first Anger Management which was also something that I just couldn’t get into. This does not mean that I will not write their stories, because I will. It just means they’re not the stories that need to be written right now.

To be honest, I could write Reese’s story. I could force it out, keep writing, keep forcing the storyline to go one way, but I would hate it and so would you. Although this is my job and the way that I feed my children and put clothes on their backs, this has never been a “job” for me. Writing has never felt like work to me before and the fact that it does right now with Reese’s story bothers me. It’s stressing me out and that only makes it worse. I will not publish a book that I hate or was forced, which is pretty much the same thing. When I write, I write to escape. It’s the reason that I started writing and why I continue to do it to this day.

I’d like to focus my attention on the books that are screaming at me to get them on paper and right now that’s Aidan’s book as the primary. I know a lot of you are waiting for this book and you’ll be happy with this change, but I also know a lot of you are waiting for Reese’s book, which was promised this year, but I honest to god think you’ll end up hating the book if I write it right now. I want to wait until the book is screaming at me to write it. It’s the way that I’ve been writing all along and I’d like to keep going that way. I won’t make any more promises of books like I did with Reese’s, because I hate breaking promises. I always do my best to keep my word and I hate that I am writing this email.

So, with that being said I am turning my attention to Aidan’s book and going to do my best to get the series back in line with Playing for Keeps and do the series proud. 

The other thing that I will be writing right now is the second NFH historical. How am I doing this? Well, I’m doing it the same way that I started Lucifer’s book, on my phone 🙂 

Not a lot of you know this, but I have two children with disabilities and I spend 15 to 20 hours a week sitting in chairs while my children go to therapy and their programs. That’s a lot of time to kill. So, what I do is pull out my iPhone, open the Word app and I write. It’s something that I will go into more detail later and something that I started doing to show aspiring writers who can never find time to write that it can be done pretty much anywhere. 

For now, I am going to kill an hour working on Aidan’s book while I wait to wake my kids up for their appointments for the day. 

I’m sorry if this decision is upsetting anyone, but in all honesty I did try for a month and a half, but I just couldn’t force it. I will do my best to keep my promises in the future.

When Reese’s story starts tormenting me, demanding to be written, I will write it as fast as humanly possible, making sure that it was worth the wait. That is the last promise that I will make on this book. 


65 Responses to “Dear Reader….”

  1. Debra MacArthur says:

    write what comes to you… Reese will come forward when you change his love interests name to —-DEBRA—- 🙂

  2. Lisa Zeigler says:

    I look forward to whatever you write so one book over another isn’t an issue for me. The important thing is for you to be able to take care of your children and write what works best for you.
    Your comment about writing on your phone is a great example that writers can write in bits of time although I’m sure that’s not the best way when you feel like you are on a roll and have to stop and start. But family is important and you’ve found a way to take care of family and your craft. Let whatever characters ‘torture’ you as they demand!

  3. Julie thompson says:

    Never apologise for the way your gift manifests itself. We are just grateful your books bring so much joy and laughter into this sorry world.

  4. Heidi Nikiforov says:

    I’d rather have a couple of great books than a “shitty” book. Not that I believe for a second you could write one, but you get what I mean.

  5. Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    Hey, these are YOUR stories and we get the pleasure of reading what comes out of YOUR mind! The story that NEEDS to be told is the one you should write….If you aren’t “feeling it” then the story isn’t there, yet………we will be right here to read this book along with the next and the next and the next……. 🙂

  6. Libby says:

    Dear RL just breathe!! Don’t worry about disappointing your fans we follow you and your crazy character capers because we love your work and we know you put us first – but do yourself a favour and put yourself first – otherwise as your fans we’d be killing the golden goose – we’re not going anywhere without you so whether that’s Reeses story or Aidens it doesn’t matter. Write for you and enjoy the journey and if you don’t publish anything for the rest of the year we’ll cope (copious quantities of alcohol and chocolate will ease the pain!!!!) Now take care of your kids and their needs and stop worrying about us!!

  7. Brooke Hiner says:

    If people get upset because you didn’t write Reese’s book they are crazy. We should just be thankful to you that you are still writing these amazing series. As long as I get a book from you I’ll be happy! Do not stress yourself. That’s the last this this fan wants you to do!!

  8. Jessica Wisniewski says:

    Follow your muse. Inspiration is nothing to be ignored. Reese will muscle his way to the front when he is ready.

  9. Mariesia says:

    Write want you need to. Your fan would be disappointed if you didn’t write either story. Reese will come when the time is right.

  10. Allison says:

    You’re the writer and you should write according to how you want to! Personally, I’ll be happy with any book you put out and will await them all eagerly. But I don’t forget that the source creating my wonderful reading material is human and sometimes things take time, or schedules change. No matter what it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. I appreciate how you communicate with us and how much you care. Not all authors do! So that makes you extra awesome.

  11. Laura Rose says:

    You need to be in the right frame of mine when you’re writing your books. If the times not right, then you know it. Do what feels right. True fans will support you no matter what you decide. Sometimes you just need to put on the witches hat and remind everyone who they are dealing with and who’s in charge. Write from the heart ❤️ Xxx

  12. Lynne says:

    Frankly I’m glad. I want to hear Aiden’s story first anyway. He’s such a goody two shoes. The hint that he knocked someone up is cracking me up. Write on and we will read

  13. Megan Simpson says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR KYLE’S BOOK!! AND AIDEN’S. Reese can wait. I mean I’ve been excited about him but I’m more pumped for Aiden. He is the one that always catches my eye in the series and makes me laugh because of his baby tendencies and love for Lifetime. You do you girl! You’re doing great!

  14. Leslie Staearz says:

    Just write what is coming to you. I would rather have those stories than a forced story any day. Your humor and wit in your stories is something I look forward to no matter whose story it is.

  15. Kiauna says:

    Just do what you need to do to put out a book that you are happy with. That way EVERYONE will be happy, because it will be a great book.

  16. Gaby says:

    Your books are amazing and I’m dying for Aiden’s story anyway!

    Kudos for being a great mom and still finding time to do sometime for yourself (and all your readers) especially when children with disabilities require so much extra love and attention 🙂

  17. Renee C. Leigh says:

    While I’m really looking forward to Reece’s book, I’d much prefer to wait on it until it will be on par with your other writing. I love all of your books and eagerly await any that you want to put out. And, honestly, it makes me, as a newbie to the writing scene, feel better to read something like this… that one of my favorite authors is going through that with a much anticipated book… simply because I’m having that issue currently and thought it was just me being lazy! But then, I keep having other characters in my head from the only series I have out right now and I just want to leave it alone and focus on them instead. So, yeah, thank you for sharing your feelings on this, as it helps, and take your time. We’ll all be patiently waiting for when you feel right about it.

  18. sharia Robinson says:

    I am one that has been waiting for Reese since I forever. But it’s because I wanted to see where you were going to take him. If you’re not feeling his story or have to force his story out then it wouldn’t be inspired/hilarious pieces of art I love. I will totally wait for him and enjoy what you do in the meantime.

  19. Jessica says:

    You know you have our support with whatever you write. I think you’re right in that we would be able to tell if you weren’t feeling the book as you wrote it. I’m sure there will be a couple people who will feel the need to vocalize their displeasure but just remember you have an army of readers who are behind you. Can’t wait for whatever comes out next!

  20. Stephanie says:

    We got your back . I would rather you do what your soul is telling you, then force the issue which will only disappoint. Plus, I really appreciate your honesty and concern for your readers happiness. ??

  21. Samantha says:

    I’ve been where you are so I completely understand what you’re going through. Being an artist can be hard and it’s important to recognize when you need to go on a different direction. With that being said, I am totally here for Aidan’s book getting some love. Thanks for keeping us posted, and take heart knowing that many of us will happily read any and every story that you share with us!

  22. Gina says:

    Actually after reading
    Fire and Brimstone I was hoping you’d change your mind and write Aidan’s book before Reese’s. So I’m a happy camper.

    If you can’t get into writing a book then there’s no point because it just won’t flow.

    I totally agree with your decision and whatever book you write will be awesome!

  23. Shaunna says:

    You must write what is in your soul right now! I am totally excited for Aiden’s story, or really any NFH book! Your readers will definitely not complain as long as we get our Bradford fix!

  24. Lisa Cacciol says:

    Thank you for trying! But your fans will support you no matter what book you need to write! We love you for your honesty, humor and amazing stories! You go girl!

  25. Kristi Clarkson says:

    Just like any thing in life if you feel forced you will hate it and the last thing we want is to have you start hating to write. For me reading a good author makes hiding in my books easy. So please do what you feel is best because you are a good author and know what you need better then anyone else.

  26. Jennie says:

    You have to stay true to the stories and the characters. If that means holding off on Reese’s book, then so be it. Write the story demanding to be told…it’s what makes sense. We’ve got your back.

  27. Joyce Brucker says:

    We will happily read whatever you write as we know you pour your heart into your work. I would rather you work on whichever story is calling you the strongest as that will than be the strongest result. Take care of you (and your kids) first and we will wait patiently (or at least as patiently as we can) for your books!

  28. Jo D says:

    1. You can NEVER please all the people all the time. Didn’t a famous guy say that? *wink*

    2. You are the author, you are in charge. We are the readers, we are your minions (gratefully), and we will buy whichever book you write next because we are dying to read it, no matter what it is.

    3. Stop apologizing for going with your muse and just go with your muse. Your readers are loyal to you for a reason. It’s because your books are so freakin’ wonderful. You act like you’re going to lose readers over this, and I promise you, you are NOT! If they were that perverse, they aren’t the kind of people who read and love your books. People who love your books have HEART.

    4. You are FABULOUS. Keep on doing what you are doing, and don’t ever apologize for who you are, what you are, or how you do it. If promises to your readers stress you out, don’t make them. Tease them with what you might do instead. Give bits and pieces. But don’t make yourself crazy on our behalfs when we will be following you around the Minion Factory hanging on your coattails. Just kick us off and take a break. Seriously, you are FABULOUS.

    A Minion

  29. Kimberly says:

    RL., you’re an artist and as such you need to write what’s on your heart at the time. We are your biggest fans!! Pun intended. Lol. We will eagerly read whatever you write!!! If it was a whole new series, we’d read it, because you wrote it!!!? You need to give yourself a break and just do what comes natural. My son’s a musician and writes songs with his band mate, would you tell him to finish a song he wasn’t feeling if another one popped into his head and heart?! While I understand that you feel like you made a promise, it was more like an verbal want to do Reese’s book. Please always know that we all back you up 100% and anyone who would not support your decisions to go with your heart and not read your books isn’t worthy of reading said books. Even if you ended up feeling one book for a time and then went to another so that it took you months or a year but had 3 books all at the same time…. we’d eagerly follow you and support you because you Rock!!! I know I’m dating myself. Lol. Breathe, ??take a long hot bubble bath, ?eat chocolate and have a ?glass of wine! We’ll wait as long as you need. Might drive you crazy asking about how much longer, but we’ll wait!!!?

  30. Alma says:

    ??you have my support plus really want to hear Aidan and his baby mama’s story.
    You are an artist so go where inspiration takes you.

  31. Brandi Robey says:

    Dear RL,

    If we are reading this post it is because we love you and you give us our escape, whomever/ however that may come! I will greedily accept anything you write. Good things come to those who wait 🙂

  32. Mary says:

    Keep doing what works for you! Don’t mess with the magic, because it works. I’m not upset and that’s what matters… Lol

  33. Smriti Lal says:

    You are the best RL mathewson! anything and everything you write is awesome! what matters to us are the stories and characters.. all the brothers are just so much fun to be around (virtually ofcourse)! and damn your stories are soo lit!! just give us your stories and we are happy with that!

  34. Jacqui says:

    Dear RL
    Don’t ever think you could disappoint your fans……it’s simply impossible. You’re an amazing author and clearly an even more amazing mother☺….us fans enjoy anything you give us ….so keep doing what you do. ..think it, feel it, write it and share it?xx

  35. Ranyia Tamburro says:

    You are the writer. It’s what is in your head that comes out on to paper or in your case your phone. It shouldn’t matter what we want right now. At least in my opinion I will read anything you write as soon as it’s available, in whatever order it comes out. I will try to be patient until ANY BOOK of yours is released and just reread all the others until then.

  36. Tina says:

    It’s all good. I want Reese, but he is worth waiting for. He’s been a virgin this long so waiting a while longer won’t hurt him too much. ?

  37. Ashley P says:

    As a fan who literally stumbled upon one of your books by accident (and then proceeded to devour the rest of them), I can say that we appreciate your honesty and your work. Writing is an art and we wouldn’t want to force you to write something you can’t feel. You are such a rare author who not only communicates with her fans but does so in a way that leaves us feeling excited when we see your name in our email inbox. Take care of you and your wonderful children first. The rest will come and your TRUE fans will wait for whatever your amazing imagination comes up with next!!

  38. Jszaki says:

    Write the story that comes to you!!! I read over 100 books a year (reading is my escape ) and I can honestly say you are my favourite author! As soon as anything comes out from you, I drop my current reading and crack on with your book (and finish in 1-2 nights). I so much love your writing that I don’t care whose story it is, I just know I will love it. You shouldn’t feel forced or pressured into writing a story that’s just not at the tip of your fingers. We all love your books so much that it doesn’t really matter. 🙂

    Btw, we are all warmed up for Aiden’s story so makes sense to switch back to him. I honestly can’t recall why people are pushing for Reese where there are so many characters to pick from. 🙂

  39. Samantha says:

    I honestly can’t imagine a book you would write to be horrible but you are the artistic genius and you would know more than me. I say do what makes you happy!

  40. Donna M. says:

    Give us the screamers! Honestly, I’ll read whatever story, in whatever order as long as you keep writing us stories. Happy to get what comes along. 😀

  41. Jana Hinson says:

    Oh man, it really doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you write!!! You have to do what’s best for your creative process. I’ll love you just the same!!

  42. Iris says:

    Anything you write will be worth the wait. They’re your worlds and characters to control so do what is right for you. Just keep writing. It’s all worth the wait.

  43. Diane says:

    Hey you, I’m just really grateful that I stumbled across your witty, funny, romantic yet real writing. I grateful for all stories that may come my way from one of my fav authors. I am grateful that you choose to let the words come from heart & mind, never forced. I am grateful that you reminded me that there are great mums out there, doing what they need to do for their families everyday ?
    Whenever, whatever you write for us next, I am sure it will be my new favourite.
    So take your time, eat yummy junk food, consumecrazy amounts of whatever liquid you like, laugh & play with your kids because we are happy to wait for genius ❤️Have a great day, week, month, year ?

  44. Terry says:

    Patience grasshopper! All good things come to those who wait….so you wait to write another excellent NFH book about Reese. All your fans will wait knowing that you will give us another fabulous book that makes us laugh out loud and to get all hot and bothered over…❤️?

  45. Robin says:

    Yes! And this is the way it should be. Write the stories that are clamoring to be told and forget the rest. They will all come in time, when they’re ready to be told.
    Thanks for all you give us…laughter, some tears, and awesome characters that we can relate to and love to love. Keep doing what you do best and we’ll keep reading.

  46. Aylin says:

    Girl I’ll read anything from you! it doesn’t matter if is Aidan’s story or kale’s story (to be honest i really really want to read kale’s story like he’s always moody cx, i really would love to know how his mate would be like cx!, but again is your choice! and trust me i’ll love either book) and i understand, besides you should NEVER EVER write something that you’re not feeling.

  47. Kayleigh says:

    Seriously, why are you apologising? The work that you do is fabulous and whatever you send our way is a blessing. Personally I couldn’t be happier that you’re writing Aiden’s story as I think it seems right after Fire & Brimstone. Plus Truce was one of my favourites and so another historical novel sounds great. Whatever you decide to do though, do what makes you happy 🙂

  48. Veronica says:

    Please don’t worry. Your method has worked so well for the other books that we love so please follow it! If that means we have to wait a bit for one story that is fine as I know you will put out other wonderful tales to keep us occupied until they start screaming at you to write them. 🙂

  49. Angie says:

    Hello RL
    Seriously whatever you send our way I promise we will love it. Follow your heart that is the only way any of us are ever happy ?

  50. Meagan says:

    Well, as much as I’ve been really looking forward to Reese’s book, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I won’t complain about having Aiden’s story or another historical NFH come out though – I like the sound of those! Write what you want when you feel it – I’ll still be here!

    • Meagan says:

      So I have to make an addendum to my above comment. I hadn’t read Fire and Brimstone yet when I wrote that, but I just finished it, and now I have to say that I am DYING for Aidan’s book! I knew from the start that Melanie was having his baby and it’ll be so interesting for you to start the relationship off with a baby, since that’s a tactic you haven’t don’t for NFH before. Anyway, I look forward to whatever you do, but I had to give you my two cents!

  51. Janice M says:

    Yes, write the ones that are wanting to be wrote instead of trying to force one, please. I love the books! I have to say Lucifer is my favorite so far. Thank you for all you do!

  52. Ann D says:

    I love your books. Please follow your heart as to which to write. Your children and family come first and truthfully I think that I would rather read about Aidan before Reese. Your books have kept me laughing and i would like to say thank you for that.

  53. Shin says:

    I was nervous when I read Truce back then, not knowing if you could pull the historical romance but after reading it – omg – it is like singing then I saw her face Now I’m a believer. So I am excited for this next historical you are talking about.

    Also with Reese, again I am a believer, I know it will come when the time is right. I am quite excited about Aidan’s story since you drop le bomb in Fire and Brimstone ~

    You can do it RL Mathewson ~


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