Date Night

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Date Night

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“We should do this another night,” Nick said with that sexy grin of his as he leaned down and-

“No!” she screamed, startling him, which in her defense wasn’t her fault.


“We’re doing this tonight,” she said, doing her best not to scream again as she writhed in pain, squeezing the pillow tightly against her chest and squeezing her eyes closed as she waited for the pain that all brochures and books she’d read hadn’t prepared her for subsided.

“Jamie, I-” he started to explain why they should put off date night, but she wasn’t having that.

For the past month she’d been stuck at home thanks to her inability to walk ten feet without needing to find a bathroom, sleep, eat something, or cry. It had been a very boring month that Netflix, Hulu, and endless pizza orders hadn’t been able to save her from.

The only thing that kept her from losing her mind was her date nights with her husband. Every night he came home with something to get her mind off things, baked goods, chocolate, a shake from her favorite place, and he would talk to her about anything and everything while he cooked her dinner. After they ate he would hold her, run a bath for her, and most importantly, he wouldn’t say anything about all the junk food she ate.

Tonight they were supposed to watch old horror movies, have chocolate fondue, and donuts from her favorite place on Main, and sadly, she’d really been looking forward to those donuts. She’d also been looking forward to a night without pain, soul crushing, death wishing, pain.

As another contraction, and she could seriously think of more fitting names for what was happening to her body right now, tore through her body she had to wonder how she’d gone from sitting on the couch, anticipating another date night with her husband to…this.

“Shhh, baby, it’s okay,” Nick, who’d she’d like to point out could walk and breath without screaming in pain, said as he held her hand.

“No, it won’t!” she snapped, wondering what drugs he was on.


But, she cut him with glare and a reminder that he wasn’t the one with a small human being trying to tear its way free of his vagina with a well-timed scream. The expression on his face told her that she’d made her point, but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t done making that point.

“Baby, just take the shot,” Nick pleaded with her, looking a little pale as the contraction tore her apart.

At least, that’s what it felt like. She opened her mouth to once again remind Nick of her plans for a natural childbirth, pointing out all the positives that came along with a natural birth, but words failed her. A bloodcurdling scream that had her husband losing his mind, did not.

“That’s it,” Nick snapped, apparently having had enough of her natural childbirth plan, which was good, because at the moment she was more than ready to explore her options. “You’re getting an epidural.”

She would have thanked him, but the agonizing pain stopped her from saying anything. So, she settled for laying there and screaming in pain until a really nice doctor with a very large needle came in and made all the pain go away.

“Better?” the sweet man that she absolutely adored, asked.

“Yes,” she said, smiling as a blissful haze spread throughout her body, making her wonder why she’d been so against these wonderful creations of modern science.

He chuckled as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Better?”

“Mmmhmm,” she said with a smile and a sigh, because everything in her world was wonderful…wonderful and awesome, and great and…

These drugs were really good, she decided as a delicious warmth settled over her, making her smile. This was wonderful, she thought, absolutely wonderful.

“Ah, Jamie?” Nick said, startling her awake sometime later.

“Hmm?” she mumbled, refusing to open her eyes.

“It’s time,” he said, sounding amused.

“Hmm?” she mumbled, trying to turn over, but for some reason her body wasn’t cooperating. Not that she really cared at the moment.

“It’s time to push, sweetheart.”

“So push,” she grumbled, wondering why he was bothering her with this.

“I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that,” he said, chuckling as she became aware of a somewhat unpleasant feeling working its way down her spine.

“Nick?” she asked, suddenly feeling very awake.

“Yes?” he asked, pressing a kiss against the back of her hand as he gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“I-I think I’m going to need more drugs.”


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7 Responses to “Date Night”

  1. Avatar Tara says:

    OMG! That brought back memories! I made that same mistake with my firstborn. I was like bringing on the drugs for the second! That was just how I felt having my son. LOL. My husband had to wake me up to push too! Love it. Thanks for reminding me how Short our memories on childbirth is. If they weren’t the world population would be smaller.

  2. Avatar Hannah says:

    This Chronicle made me so happy. It was almost exactly like when I have my little girl. The only difference was… I kept falling asleep during The actual labor. The nurse had to constantly keep waking me up. I would push, then instantly fall back asleep. I was so worn out from trying to do it completely natural. Ha ha it’s funny to look back on it now.

  3. Avatar Joyce Wharton says:

    loved it ,had pethedine injection for my first child but natural for my other 2 brought back so many memories

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