Date Night: Part I

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Date Night I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“What if she says no?”

“Why would she say no?” Trevor asked his son as he stood in front of the closet door mirror, trying to get his tie right.

“That’s what I was wondering,” his son’s partner-in-crime asked from where she laid on her bed, rolling a baseball between her hands.

“Because she loves me,” he said with a sigh when he was forced to pull his tie free and try again.

“I thought she lost a bet?” Mikey asked, sending Sebastian a questioning look.

“She did. He’s in denial,” Sebastian said with a pitying shake of his head as he pushed Mikey over so that he could take over her bed before he helped himself to a book from her nightstand.

“That’s so sad,” Mikey said, trying to shove Sebastian off the bed only to give up with a heavy sigh and a glare while Trevor grabbed the black tie off the back of her desk chair.

“It really is,” Sebastian said with a nod.

“She cried tears of joy when I married her,” he pointed out with a heavy sigh as he tossed the black tie aside and grabbed the navy tie.

“Is that what she told you?” Mikey asked with a pitying sigh.

“And you believed her?” his son asked innocently, making his lips twitch despite the fact that he was nervous.

“This is just so sad,” Mikey said with another pitying sigh as he made quick work of fixing his tie, deciding that he should just get this over with.

“Don’t stay up late,” he said, deciding that it was now or never.

“What if you need a shoulder to cry on?” Sebastian asked.

“He probably will,” Mikey readily agreed, reminding him why he liked her so damn much.

She was a brutal little thing.


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