Daddy’s Little Girl Part II: An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Open the door, sweetheart,” Jason said as his grip on the door frame tightened and he forced himself to slowly exhale as he pressed his forehead against the bathroom door.

“I-I’m f-f-fine,” Elizabeth managed to get out on a broken sob that had him pushing away from the door and ramming his fingers through his hair. He was going to kill the little bastard, he decided when the next round of sobs began.   

“You should probably call Aunt Hayley.”

“You really should,” Sebastian said, drawing his attention to the duo that he’d called in to help fix this.

“I did,”he bit out, because that was the first thing he’d done when his baby girl barricaded herself in the bathroom.

Pausing in rolling her baseball between her hands, Mikey asked, “Then, where is she?” shooting him a frown.

“She’s stuck in traffic,” he said as he debated tearing that door down.

“Hmm,” she said with a thoughtful expression as she went back to rolling the ball between her hands as her partner in crime pulled out an iPad and sat down on the floor next to Mikey’s backpack with a heavy sigh.

“Okay, so what did you want us to do?” Mikey asked, shifting her attention to the locked bathroom door behind him.

“Fix this,” Jason said, stabbing his fingers through his hair and after a slight hesitation began pacing the long hallway, because he honestly had no fucking idea what he should do.

“Alright,” Mikey said with a shrug as she walked over to the bathroom, reached up, grabbed the bathroom key from the top of the doorframe, and within a few seconds, was inside the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and locking it.

“What is she doing?” Jason asked, staring helplessly at the closed bathroom door.

“Fixing it,” Sebastian said absently as he placed his iPad on his lap so that he could rummage through Mikey’s backpack.

Or making this worse, Jason thought when the sounds of his little girl’s heart breaking suddenly stopped.

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6 Responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl Part II: An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle”

  1. Avatar Cathy Hunter McCarron says:

    OMG I love Jason flipping out because he doesn’t know how to handle Elizabeth’s crying…he is a dad but loves his daughter. This is amazing and while waiting for Haley he will try and “fix” it. Hahaaaa good luck Jason,,,you’re gonna need it…

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