I am spending the night applying Maura’s edits to several of my books. I just did Perfection and yikes, that was painful. So many simple mistakes that got past me. I’ve uploaded the new edited version so it should be live at Apple within a few hours and in a day or two at Amazon and B&N. Sorry about the mistakes. I have no doubt that they were annoying.

Next one up: A Reclusive Heart



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    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:


      Perfection is the second book in the series. It’s been done for a while. I was applying Maura’s edits. Every now and then we look through the books to make sure that we didn’t miss anything and apparently a lot was missed 🙁

      • Avatar Hannah says:

        Thanks and just wondering, and I don’t want to be a nagg but how far along are you with Cheakmate?

  1. Avatar Anj says:

    Considering the low price of the books and the snappy writting, I think we can get over a few errors, still adore the books!

  2. Avatar kim says:

    have to agree mistakes happen and in a good book easy to over look …… just keep up the good work , don’t sweat the small stuff.

  3. Avatar Alyson says:

    I am very excited for checkmate!! I agree that mistakes happen and I believe the books are worth more than the 99cents in my opinion. I’ve never had a series make me laugh out loud like these books have, love them!

  4. Avatar nicole says:

    I love the nfh series. They made me laugh so hard that my fiancee and kids were looking at me funny. I have looking on amazon waiting patiently for the next book. When it comes out Ill definitely be buying it. I have also read the pyte series. I got to say youre an amazing writer.

  5. Avatar Grace says:

    All of your books are amazing. Its my summer break from college and I probably just read every one of your books except one within the week. I just couldn’t stop. Love all of your series, especially NFH they are so funny, excited for the next one.

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