Coming soon…………

Coming in the summer of 2013…..

The first book of the Cursed Hearts Series…..

Black Heart

            “I’m helping,” she said firmly. “I was not hired simply to drive you around, pick up your food and put up with your bullshit, Tristan. This is part of my job and I’m going to do it. Now you can just suck it up, because you do not have a choice in the matter.”

            His hand stilled on the file he was moving as he looked up and met her eyes. Perhaps she went a tad too far. Yeah, definitely too far this time. He dropped the file on the desk and sat back in his chair, never taking his eyes off her.

            “I don’t have a choice?” he asked, cocking an arrogant brow in her direction.

            She straightened her spine and shoulders. “No.”

            For a long moment he didn’t say anything, making her even more nervous. Just when she was about to make a hasty retreat he spoke.


            “I’m glad we have an understanding.” She couldn’t resist rubbing it in as she walked around the desk to look at the folders, trying to hide how surprised she was that he gave in so easily.

            “Oh, we have an understanding alright,” he said as his hand clamped around her wrist when she tried to pick up a folder.

            She swallowed. “I’m helping,” she reminded him quietly.

            “Yes, you are. But I need the files over here,” he patiently explained, that calm tone alone sent shivers down her back and warning signals off in her head.

            “Okay, let me get my chair,” she said, trying to pull her hand away.

            “No need. There isn’t enough room over here for two chairs,” he said. Marty looked pointedly at the large space behind his desk.

            He ignored her and with a slight tug had her stumbling onto his lap. Her response was instantaneous if not a bit embarrassing. She yelped and jumped only to have his arm snake around her waist and bring her back down on his lap.

            Her hands shot out to grip the desk as he shifted the chair forward, trapping her between the desk and his large body.

            “Ah, that’s better. Now let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we?” he asked in a casual tone.

            “I-I can do this from my desk,” she stuttered.

            He sighed. “There isn’t enough room at your desk for both of us, Marty. Would you please focus? I’d like to get some work done if you don’t mind,” he said casually, but she could hear the humor in his tone and that pissed her off.

            “Fine. Let’s get to work,” she said, purposely shifting in his lap. His reaction was rather pleasing. He sucked in a breath and tensed beneath her. A moment later she rethought her little action when she felt him harden beneath her bottom. She swallowed as he continued to grow. Were all men this big? she had to wonder.

            She could practically feel his smug smile when he realized that she could feel him. The bastard. Deciding she wasn’t going to be intimidated she opened her mouth to egg him on, which of course she knew was stupid, but really couldn’t be helped.

            “Tristan, do you mind?”

            “Mind what?” his voice was deeper than normal.

            “Do you mind shifting? You have a small tube of chapstick or something in your pocket that’s poking me.” Maybe she shouldn’t have emphasized small. Guys were kind of sensitive about that sort of thing, right?



Copyright R.L. Mathewson 2013




11 Responses to “Coming soon…………”

  1. Avatar Marie Deiter says:

    I am so upset that the 4th book in the Pyte sentinal series has not come out yet…I understand that you have been Ill and hope things have improved. My sister and I are huge fans of yours and we were very upset to find out you were sick. Our prayers are with you.

  2. Avatar briana giron says:

    Can’t wait for the next book in your series in the pytes & sentinel novels, and for the NFH next book too. Can’t wait any long for December 3rd. so far but so close. It’s a tedious wait but a wait worth waiting for.

  3. Avatar Rebecca says:

    Well, I’m now suffering withdrawals! I downloaded all of your books to my e-reader and I finished the last one today (Black heart)…now I’m so depressed 🙁
    I cannot wait to read whatever’s next, keep up the amazing work!

  4. Avatar Nusch says:

    Yay!! I love it! 🙂 I’m eagerly awaiting each new book. I wish I could offer you free child care or housekeeping services so you could write faster! 😉 lol

  5. Avatar C. Gary says:

    I am now a true fan of yours. I have never wrote a response to any books I have read, but yours. I Love, Love, Love all your books. Thank You R.L. Mathewson.

  6. Avatar Dana says:

    I just finished the Pye/Sentenial series, loved them. How long do I have to wait for other books in the series. I would love to read Joshua’s book

  7. Avatar Rainy says:

    I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work! I truely enjoy all of your books. After a long day with my boys I know I can unwind with one! Again thank you!!!

  8. Avatar Serene says:

    I loooooove the Pyte/Sentinal series!!! Seriously all your books are like an addiction!!!…
    When will Joshuas story come out… I need my next fix of your Pyte/Sentinal series! Lol… I have read in a few posts that there is a preview of the next Pyte/Sentinal book… is that true? As I haven’t been able to find it…
    Keep up the amaiiiizing writing!

  9. Avatar dani says:

    I absolutely love all your books and have read all of them multiple times. I can’t wait for a new release so excited for it to get added to my favorite book rotation.

  10. Avatar Morena says:

    I just want to ask when are you going to write the second book of cursed heart series.. I am relly looking forward to it. Thanks

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