Christmas Shopping: Part II

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Christmas Shopping

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


Kasey couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but she was desperate. Not knowing what else to do, she grabbed Reese by the arm, ignoring his heavy sigh as she dragged him over to the kitchen door, and shoved him through the door before she turned around and faced the two men currently devouring all the experiments for the new chocolate chip cook recipe that she’d been hired to figure out and that hadn’t quite made the cut.

“I need your help,” she said, deciding to get straight to the point.

“Can’t,” Jason said, pointedly looking down at the sleeping baby in his arms as he grabbed the last cookie off one of the many platters covering the kitchen island before shoving the empty platter aside and pulling a new one closer.

“Did I mention that I’m planning on baking macaroni and cheese tonight?” she said, hoping to two entice the two large Bradfords into taking pity on her and doing this for her.

“Why do you think we’re babysitting?” Trevor asked, as he popped the last bite of cookie in his mouth, careful not disturb the sleeping baby in his arms.

“I just need you to look at something and tell me which one you think Reese would like,” she said, turning her iPad back on and placed it between the two large men before she lost her nerve.

“Oh, god,” Trevor groaned, which was seconded by Jason as both men moved closer to get a better look.

“So, what do you think?” she asked, worrying her hands together as she waited for an answer that clearly wasn’t coming.

“I’d love to see Zoe in that,” Trevor practically growled, as he tapped on whatever image he was looking at and zoomed in.

She went to look only to find herself blocked by the two men now muttering, growling, and groaning as they swiped left and right, up and down, and left her standing there, glaring at the unhelpful bastards when Mikey and Sebastian walked in.

“What’s going on?” Mikey asked as the men groaned over whatever they were looking at now.

Sighing, Kasey reached around Jason, grabbed the iPad, ignored his outraged, “We were looking at that!” and shoved the iPad in her daughter’s hands.

“Pick something out for your father,” she said, because she was done, absolutely freaking done trying to pick out the perfect gift.

Blinking, Mikey looked down and-

“Get him the Derrick Jeter jersey,” Sebastian said, reaching over and double taping the jersey in question.

“And the signed Babe Ruth picture with the kids,” Mikey said with a shrug as she handed the iPad back over with a shrug. “He loves that picture.”

Before Kasey could look down at the picture in question, she found the iPad swiped out of her hands and a large man holding a baby, glaring down at her. “We were looking at that,” Trevor bit out even as he leaned down and pressed a baby kiss against her son’s forehead as he shot her one last glare and returned to the kitchen island where the men continued to drool over the Yankees website that she’d accidentally come across the other day in her search for the perfect gift for her favorite guy.


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  1. Avatar Lynda says:

    I wish it was that easy my guy not in to sports like me so it’s hard guess all have to get him wrench set he keeps looking at love your books thanks for laugh

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