Christmas Eve….Pyte Style

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It was the night before Christmas…

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“It was the night before Christmas and all throughout the house-”

“I’m going to kill him,” Kale snarled, cutting off the annoying bastard.

Chuckling, Chris reached over and snatched the bag of bows from him. “Buck up, buttercup,” the little bastard that he’d promised to protect said with a wink that was going to get his throat ripped out.

Glaring at the bastard while he tried to remember if he’d promised Izzy that he wouldn’t kill the little prick, he reached over and snatched the bag of bows back. “Those are my green bows, you little piece of-”

“Why are we doing this?” Drew asked with a frown as he tried to figure out where the tape started.

“Wrapping,” Ephraim bit out, looking angrier by the second as he glared down at the mess that was supposed to be a bike.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Drew said, tossing the roll of tape aside and grabbed another one off the large pile Ephraim had dumped in the middle of the room when he’d made the announcement that they were all spending Christmas Eve wrapping presents.

“I think the prick wants to know why you didn’t pay to have it wrapped, you cheap bastard,” Kale added with a snarl as he slapped a green bow on the box of bath salts he’d just wrapped, much to his shame.

“Because wrapping it by hand gives it that personal touch,” Ephraim bit out before adding, “So stop your fucking bitching and just wrap!”

“Madison found out that he’d been using a service for all his shopping and wrapping needs over the years and has decided to teach him the true meaning of Christmas,” Chris said with flourish as he deftly finished wrapping another gift and added it to the large pile behind him.

“She cut you off?” Drew asked, chuckling as he slapped another random piece of wrapping paper on the box that he was wrapping.

“She didn’t cut me off,” Ephraim said, but the crazed look in his eye said otherwise.

“No, no of course she didn’t,” Chris quickly agreed in a placating tone as he finished wrapping yet another package while Kale sat there, glaring down at the present that had taken him over an hour to wrap.

“She didn’t!”

“Uh huh, whatever you say there, big guy,” Chris said, smiling hugely as another gift was wrapped and tossed on the pile.

When Ephraim lunged for his son, Kale could have stopped him, but didn’t. Instead, he got to his feet, stepped over the little bastard trying to claw his way to freedom and decided to go see if the women of the house could use an extra hand. Deciding that he might need a bribe to get into the kitchen, he grabbed that box of bath salts, “accidentally” kicked Chris in the ribs when he stepped back over him and thought about all the delicious treats that he was going to spend the night devouring before he was forced to break his word to Izzy and get back on the road.

She’d be pissed, but it couldn’t be helped, he had a new lead to follow, one that would hopefully pan out this time.


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  1. Avatar Brenda Morrow says:

    I’m so excited!!! Cannot wait, hope to find out what happened to both Jill and Joshua soon. Keep them coming. Thanks to your writing, I get to escape into this world and love it!!!

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