Chapter 6: The Pregnancy Chronicles

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The Pregnancy Chronicles

Chapter 6

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

For a moment, Haley considered trying to wake Jason up again, but…

Since he’d growled the last time that she’d tried, she decided that she should probably let him sleep. Decision made, she moved to climb off the bed only to end up biting back a groan when Jason cracked one eye open so that he could glare at her.

“I have to use the bathroom,” she said, weakly gesturing towards the bathroom door as Jason’s gaze quickly flickered towards the bathroom before landing back on her.

When he didn’t say anything else, not that she really expected him to, Haley tried to for a reassuring smile only to bite back a wince when his eye narrowed on the move. Clearing her throat, she headed towards the bathroom and glanced back to find him pulling the comforter protectively around himself, which given what happened last night, she couldn’t really blame him.

She should probably apologize to him, Haley absently thought as she went about her business. Not that she was taking all the blame on this one, because it wasn’t all her fault, but she might have ummm, been a little more demanding than usual. Last night, she hadn’t been able to get enough of him. Every orgasm, and god, there had been so many, had made her want him more.

They’d barely managed to catch their breath before she was demanding more and Jason had given her whatever she wanted. He’d done all of her favorite things and more. He’d taken her in the bathroom, against the wall, against the door, on the bed, on the bureau, in the kitchen, on the stairs, and had bent her over the bathroom counter before they’d finally collapsed in bed.

She should have been satisfied, but…

She’d wanted more and poor Jason had done everything in his power to give it to her. She probably should have let him sleep, Haley thought around a yawn as she washed her hands. She would definitely let him sleep tonight, Haley told herself as she climbed into the shower and did her best to wake up only to decide that she was going to have to go back to bed once she made sure the kids made it to school this morning.

A nap and a hot bath, she amended a moment later only to decide that pancakes were definitely a must. With butter and extra syrup, Haley thought as she washed her hair only to find herself thinking about last night. As she ran her hands over her body, she couldn’t help but think about the way that Jason had touched her last night, the way his fingers felt teasing her skin, the way his hands cupped her breasts, and his fingers…

No, this was a bad idea, Haley told herself only to follow that up with the reminder that she’d promised to leave him alone so that he could sleep as she looked longingly at the bathroom door. He needed his sleep, she told herself as she rinsed her hair, unable to look away from the door as she thought about the fact that her husband was in bed, naked, and-

No, this was a bad idea.

She was going to leave him alone and let him get a little more sleep before he had to go to work, Haley decided with a firm nod even as she couldn’t help but lick her lips as she thought about the way it felt when he slid into her from behind and…

Found herself turning off the water and reaching for a towel. Telling herself that she just wanted to curl up in bed and snuggle with Jason before he had to go to work, Haley wrapped the towel around herself and walked back into the bathroom. When she spotted Jason curled up in the fetal position, watching her every move, she repeated that lie to herself as she dropped the towel.

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  1. Avatar Rachel Eisele says:

    I love love love getting little pieces of the neighbors from hell series…any of them really, but Jason and Haley are my favorites!

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