Chapter 5: Pregnancy Chronicles

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Pregnancy Chronicles

Chapter 5

He’d seriously fucked up this time, Jason thought as his gaze flickered to the open bathroom door and-

Realized that it was already too late when Haley, who was now fed and no longer crying, ran her eyes lazily over him in that way that used to tell him that he’d be spending the rest of the night satisfying his pregnant wife’s needs. The only problem with that? He was already fucking tired and he had to go to work in the morning.

When she was pregnant with Cole, he could have gone all fucking night and day with her and had several times, but now…

“Cheesecake,” Jason said, watching as his wife reached up and pushed her glasses back up her nose as her gaze slowly made its way back up his body and a new predatory look took over, one that involved him risking a speeding ticket and hoping that Dixon’s Bakery was still open.

“I love cheesecake,” Haley mumbled distractedly as her gaze began to make its way back down his body and he decided that he was wasting precious seconds sitting here.

With that in mind, he got to his feet, nodded with a murmured, “Then cheesecake it is,” and took a step in the direction of the bathroom door only to find himself pressed back against the bathroom wall and his wife’s very nimble fingers pulling his belt loose.

Definitely fucked up this time, Jason thought, watching as Haley paused to push her glasses back up before she returned her attention to his belt. Once that was gone…

She managed to rip a groan from him as she ran her palm over the large bulge pressing against his fly, more than happy to do all those things that his wife loved. As she unsnapped his pants and pulled down his fly, Jason decided to lie to himself and tell himself that he could exhaust her enough so that he could get some decent sleep in before he had to go to work in the morning, but as she pulled his cock out, pausing so that she could run her hand over his cock before she wrapped her lips around the tip and groaned, he resigned himself to a long fucking night ahead.

When she slowly took him in her mouth with a moan, he decided that missing sleep for one night wasn’t going to kill him. Definitely not going to kill him, Jason thought with a groan as he slid free from his wife’s mouth so that he could pull her to her feet, turn her around and press her against the wall. With a kiss against the back of her neck, he reached down and pushed her pants down to her knees before he grabbed hold of her hips, pulled her back and-

Definitely wasn’t going to kill him.

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  1. Avatar Rachel Eisele says:

    You’re the biggest tease ever!! I love getting extra peaks into All of the neighbor from hell series peeps! You always leave us wanting more with a smile on our faces.

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