Chapter 4: The Pregnancy Chronicle

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The Pregnancy Chronicles

Chapter 4

“What did you do?” Elizabeth demanded as Jason stood there, trying to figure that out for himself.

One minute, he was relishing the revenge that he’d been imagining all day and then…


“I-I’m fine,” Haley mumbled sadly as she laid there, curled up in the fetal position, sniffling quietly as tears continued to roll down her beautiful face, leaving him feel completely fucking useless.

“Yeah, you look great,” Cole said dryly as he leveled an accusing glare on Jason that quickly turned horrified when Haley released a broken sob.

That was followed by Joshua reaching up, grabbing his brother by the back of his neck and taking him down to the ground in an impressive headlock and-

“Mommy, save me!” Joshua squealed when Cole got out of the headlock and pinned him to the floor while Jason stood there, rubbing the back of his neck as he watched Elizabeth, who apparently wasn’t in the mood for her brothers’ bullshit today.

“Go upstairs,” she said as she reached down and dragged Joshua to his feet, palmed his face, and shoved him away.

Knowing better than to argue with his sister, Joshua headed upstairs while Elizabeth turned her attention on Cole. With a look that dared her brother to say something that would piss her off even more, she said, “Go.”

With one last accusing glare aimed at Jason, Cole reluctantly headed upstairs. Once he was gone, Elizabeth turned that glare that actually terrified Jason a bit, on him. “Fix this,” she mouthed before heading upstairs and leaving him to deal with his wife, who couldn’t seem to fucking stop crying.

God, he didn’t know how he was going to survive this pregnancy.

Not knowing what else to do, he leaned over and her forehead and headed to the kitchen, hoping that this still worked, because he honestly had no idea what he would do if it didn’t.




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  1. Avatar Deedee says:

    I’m in love with all your books!!! Was there a Post i missed about Haley being pregnant??? Because I remember in the epilogue they had 3 children

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