Cause I’ve been bad…

So, I owe a Chronicle for this week and of course, I am not the most organized person and just remembered that while I was working on Irresistible, Aidan and Melanie’s book. I believe some of you have seen thing one, but I thought I’d share with the rest of the class 😉


From Irresistible: A Neighbor from Hell Novel

Don’t look!

For the love of everything that was holy don’t open your eyes! she inwardly screamed at herself, praying that the crazed man cursing to himself as he continued to rummage through the room didn’t realize that she was awake.

Hoping that he was too busy to notice, she slowly turned over onto her side, absently noting that although the bed was smaller than she was used to, it was surprisingly comfortable.

Then again, should she really expect anything else from a doctor?

Besides cleanliness, she amended as she cracked open an eye so that she could watch as Aidan stumbled around his messy bedroom, tearing through boxes while she lay there, curled up on her side, and praying that he found whatever it was that he was looking for before he realized that she was awake and decided to “take care of her,” because she honestly wasn’t sure that she could take much more.

“Shit!” Aidan snapped from the bathroom where he’d moved the search, making her immediately close her eyes and pray for a miracle.

Maybe she should make a run for it, she thought, debating the pros and cons of opening her eyes so that she could weigh the risks of trying to make it to that door before he realized that she was awake, but the terror that poured through her at the mere thought of being caught had her laying there, squeezing her eyes tightly shut, and anxiously awaiting the moment when she heard the front door click shut behind him.

“Shit!” he whispered harshly as she heard him stumble back into the bedroom where she was currently laying in terror, the same bedroom that he’d stashed her in last night before his reign of terror had begun.

She should have never agreed to this, she thought, desperately trying to resist the urge to crack open an eye and see what he was doing, terrified that she’d find him standing in front of her with another tray of freshly cut vegetables or holding a blanket, ready to tuck her in again. The only thing that she knew was that agreeing to stay here had been a mistake, and one that was probably going to end with her being smothered to death, which brought up another terrifying thought.

What if he was standing there waiting to fluff her pillow again?

A shudder tore through her at the memory of waking up in the middle of the night to find him standing over her, waiting for the moment when he could fluff her pillow. It had honestly been one of the most horrifying experiences of her life. When she’d screamed, and really, who wouldn’t have screamed? he’d simply smiled, murmured something that sounded like an apology and began to fluff her pillows while she laid there, trying not to make any sudden moves.

If she made it out of here alive, and it was looking less likely by the second, she was going to learn to keep her big mouth shut. God, what the hell had she been thinking when she’d agreed to this?

In her defense, she hadn’t expected all that much from him. She figured that she’d stay here for a few nights so that she could honestly say that she’d given him a chance and when he realized that he wasn’t interested in playing nursemaid that he would happily pack her off to her parents. What she hadn’t expected was for him to embrace his new role with a smile and a psychotic break with reality.

She’d barely had the words out of her mouth, agreeing to give this a chance when she’d suddenly found herself plopped down on a large box with a bottle of lukewarm water and a Twinkie. While she sat there, trying not to think about where he’d found the Twinkie, he’d rushed around the bedroom, tearing through boxes until he found clean, at least she hoped they were, sheets and quickly made up the bed.

Before she had a chance to blink, she found herself standing in the bathroom, holding one of his shirts, a pair of boxers, and a flashlight. She’d barely managed to pull the boxer shorts on before she found herself back in his bedroom and tucked in for the night.

Or so she’d thought.

After he’d tucked her in so tightly that she’d barely been able to breathe, never mind move, he’d given her another one of those smiles that he’d probably perfected for his patients, tore the blankets loose and tucked her in again. After that he’d disappeared for a bit, made a lot more noise, recited a few more curses, before returning to the room struggling to carry the seventy-inch television that he’d swiped from the living room.

When she’d offered to help him, or at the very least move a few things out of his way, he’d glared at her until she’d lay back down, pulled the covers up and once again pondered her life’s choices. After he’d dragged the nightstand over to the other side of the room and decided that it wouldn’t hold the television he’d disappeared again only to return with the large bureau that she’d spotted in the hallway earlier covered in boxes and clothes, into the room, kicking stuff out of his way.

Once he had the television plugged in, he dug through his room until he found a legal pad and a pen, moved to sit down on the bed next to her only to rethink it and sat down on floor where he ignored her so that he could consult with medical journals to help him make up a grocery list. When he’d finished with his list he’d handed her another bottle of lukewarm water, turned on the television, and promptly disappeared.

Exhausted, she’d shaken her head, sighed heavily and closed her eyes. It seemed like only minutes later that she woke up to find him checking her vitals. After she’d released a hysterical scream, she’d found herself being herded towards the bathroom where she barely had time to fully wake up before she once again found herself tucked back into bed.

Once he’d assured himself that she was settled in, he placed a tray filled with yogurt, raw veggies, and a plate of scrambled eggs on her lap. She’d taken one look at the healthy offering, shoved it off her lap, slapped a hand across her mouth and rushed towards the bathroom and that’s where she stayed until he rummaged through her purse and found her anti-nausea medicine.

As soon as she felt that her stomach was settled, she’d given him a wobbly smile, accepted his help and returned to the bedroom only to turn right back around and found herself once again kneeling on the cold tile floor in the dark bathroom while Aidan sat there, absently rubbing her back as he read, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” on his iPad.

While she’d knelt there, hugging the toilet he’d snuck back into the bedroom, cleaned up the mess, and had the bed turned down and waiting for her by the time she’d finished embarrassing herself. As soon as he’d tucked her back in bed he’d disappeared again, leaving her lying there, curled up on her side, trying to ignore the sounds of Aidan tearing apart the apartment next door as she absently noted that the apartment had thin walls.

At some point she fell asleep only to be startled awake several times throughout the night as he’d checked on her, brought her snacks, piled more blankets on top of her, tucked her in, fluffed her pillow, brought her more water, and shoved unsweetened applesauce at her before returning to whatever he was doing next door. About an hour ago he came back, grabbed that disturbing looking towel off the floor, disappeared, shouted a few obscenities, and stumbled back into the room a little while later as he struggled to pull his clothes on.

It was at that point that she felt that it was best for everyone involved if she pretended to be asleep. Now she was lying there waiting for him to leave so that she could relax and maybe rethink her decision to stay here, not because she thought that he was going to neglect or abandon her at this point, but because she was terrified that he wouldn’t.

She really wasn’t sure that she was going to survive having her pillow fluffed again.

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15 Responses to “Cause I’ve been bad…”

  1. Avatar Momo says:

    Dear R L::just finished reading the excerpt from Irresistible and for the first time I’m not sure I like one of your characters. At the moment I really don’t like Melanie. She seems spoiled, insensitive and self absorbed. Aiden is doing everything he can to help her and putting her needs first. I hope this snippet is taken out of context and she really isn’t the first class bitch she seems. I have sooo enjoyed everything you write.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Lol, no worries. You may not like every character, but I will do my best. Melanie is definitely not spoiled or a bitch. She’s struggling to get through a really touch pregnancy with a guy that was a complete asshole to her after the one night stand where everything went wrong. She’s actually levelheaded and down to earth. She’s been trying to do the right thing, but it hasn’t been easy.

  2. Avatar Cristina says:

    I like Aiden. He has seemed like a really sweet guy in the other NFH books he’s been in. He has NOT been nice to Melanie, however. Please promise that she will hive him hell before she agrees to be anything more than his baby mama.

  3. Avatar Paula Calasans says:

    PLEASEEEEE, tell me Irresistible is going to be released this year yet…. I’m dying for it since I read Christmas from Hell… Delectable just distrected me for a little bit… don’t know how long I’m gonna hold on anymore

  4. Avatar Pandora says:

    Funny, I don’t recall Aidan as a good man (a good doctor yes), especially with some of his brothers (Danny, I don’t remember who the others would be since I read their books a while ago) when he tried to interfere between some of them and their girlfriends. I hope not only Melanie but the brothers aforementioned will give him hell.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      When was Aidan bad? Now you have me confused. He helped Marybeth and was there for Danny even when Danny tried to push him away. He was even there for Lucifer. Do you remember what he did, Pandora?

      • Avatar Pandora says:

        Maybe I don’t recall correctly after all, I remember Aidan as a meddling guy who interfered with his brothers relationships and how it ended with fights (and not the habitual ones for food). I just know I don’t like him as much as his brothers and cousins (James included).

        • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

          No, he didn’t meddle or start unnecessary fights that were out of character for a Bradford. He’s been written so far as a really nice, yet messy, man that is always there for his family. He hasn’t had any major parts that would tarnish his character. I’m wondering if you’re possibly thinking of another character?

  5. Avatar Sherry says:

    I love both of these characters! I met the Bradfords late having checked in with Lucifer (my husband is a cook) and have since gone back and read all of the NFH books (and the chronicles, and all your other series) and while Aiden can be a bit of a girl when his brothers fight 😉 he has not been a jerk and Melanie is a great character who really stuck by her friend when even her parents didn’t! You go RL – these are going to be great additions to the Bradford clan!

  6. Avatar Paula says:

    I love this series and can’t wait for the book to come out. Do you have a release date to put us all out of our misery. 🙂

  7. Avatar Jessica Hirsch says:

    Ahhhhh I’m so excited for this book to come out! Are you going to tell us what leads up to their one night stand (other fhan Lucifer kicking them out of the apartment), the night itself and the morning after? I love the glimpse in Fire & Brimstone that they clearly rile each other up.

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