Camping Trip X

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Camping Trip

Part X

An. R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Mine,” that terrifying growl came again as incredible beautiful red eyes locked on him.

            “Danni?” he asked, not really sure what he was asking since her scent told him everything that he needed to know and apparently his cock was definitely onboard with absolutely anything and everything that she might have in mind, but part of him, an incredibly small part of him, wasn’t sure that they should be doing this.

            “Mine!” she growled again, reminding him of the reason that this just might not be such a good idea.

            “Danni, why don’t we go back in the shower?” he suggested, wincing when his cock angrily jerked against his stomach, clearly announcing its displeasure with his plans, but he couldn’t do this, no matter how badly he wanted to and God, how he wanted to.

            “Mine!” she snarled, grabbing hold of what remained of his jeans and tore the remaining material clean from his body and made her intentions clear.

            Licking his lips hungrily as he tried to ignore just how tempted he was to grab her, throw her on her back and lick every last drop of water off her body, he focused on what needed to be done here. He needed to help her get herself back under control, feed her and hopefully that would be enough to dilute her blood and help her take this down a notch so that they could-

            “Fuck!” he suddenly roared, no doubt scaring every human within a twenty-mile radius, but it couldn’t helped, not when Danni suddenly took him by surprise and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and gave it one long squeeze that had him fighting not to instantly come his hips thrust up with the move, desperate to stay in her hold.

            A groan of pleasure was ripped from him as his entire body went taunt, his back bowed, his hips greedily shot in the air wanting more as his fists closed tightly around handfuls of the thin hotel comforter, ripping it apart in the process as she gave the tip a good squeeze before sliding her hand smoothly back down his shaft.

            “Mine,” she said softly, somehow sounding even more possessive as she slid her hand back down his cock, slowly as though she were simply savoring the feel of his cock in her hand.

            Gasping and trying to make sense out of what was going on, he let out another as her hand slid back down his cock, giving the base a squeeze as she released a thoughtful sigh that caught his attention. He looked up to find her watching what she was doing to him with a thoughtful look on her face. While he was struggling not to scream in pleasure while she continued to stroke him, watching him with a curious look that didn’t match the possessive glint in her eyes or the scent that she was giving off.

            Oh, she was definitely in fucking heat.

            He’d smelled it a hundred times on shifters and a few demons over the years, but nothing like this. It was a sweet scent all her own, tantalizing, mouthwatering and completely impossible to ignore. It had his cock hardening even further and his balls pulling up tight, preparing to take her once she lost control, but…

            She wasn’t loosing control.

            Actually, she seemed to actually be embracing the changes happening to her and if the way that she was studying his cock was any indication, she was definitely savoring it.

            “D-Danni?” he asked, not really sure what he should be doing as he tightened his hold around the comforter to keep him from doing exactly what he wanted. He wanted to sit up, wrap his hand around the back of her neck and slide his cock between her beautiful pouty lips, fucking her mouth as he reached down to make sure that she was good and wet for him even though he could smell just how wet she was.

            He wanted her wetter.



            He wanted to bend her over, grab her hips and fuck her beautiful ass. He wanted to lick her out, to finger her, fuck her and he wanted to do it all right now to her, but mostly, he wanted to mark her. He wanted every man within a hundred miles to know that she was his and he needed to do it or he’d lose his fucking mind.

            “Mine!” he growled, barely aware that he was the one talking or that he was now moving, but she wasn’t having it.

            “No,” she said with an easy shake of her head she released her hold on his cock and sat back, watching and waiting for him to do something, but he couldn’t figure out what she wanted, not when her hormones were fucking with his head like this.

            He couldn’t think straight.

            “No,” she said softly as she moved back and climbed off the bed when he went to reach for her, confusing him even more because her scent was telling him that she wanted this, but the way she was behaving was telling him that she could care less.

            When he reached for her again, she shook her as her beautiful lips turned up into a curious smile. Beyond frustrated, he released a vicious growl and started to follow after her when that curious smile became taunting.

            He reached for her only to have her easily step out of his reach.

            “Danni!” he growled in warning, blindly reaching for her again, but she simply stepped out of the way as he stumbled blindly towards her, panting hard he as he struggled to make sense out of her what was happening, but he couldn’t think. Not with her scent surrounding him.

            “No,” she simply said as she stepped back out of his reach again.


            Overcome with the need to be inside her, he stumbled after her like a drunk until his legs finally gave out and he had to resort to crawling after her, desperation destroying whatever common sense he had left.

            There was something wrong going on and he needed to put some space between them and clear his head, but heaven help him, he couldn’t force himself to stop crawling after her and snarling her name, uncaring that she was leading him to the bathroom, only that in a matter of seconds he would finally have her where he wanted her.



I was asked, more like demanded, to write another Chronicle today, but I never promised that I would stop teasing you…


That’s for the spiders!!!!!!!!!!!


© Rerum Industries, Inc. 2015, All Rights Reserved.


12 Responses to “Camping Trip X”

  1. Avatar Sandy Schmidt says:

    I look forward to these every Sunday! I can’t believe you left us like this !! Well actually yes I can. ….

  2. Avatar Gloria says:

    Reading the Chronicals is my favorite thing to do on a Sunday. Please don’t stop. I’m okay with the teasers only because I expect another episode the following week. I love you’re writing and look forward to your next book.

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