Camping Trip VII

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The Camping Trip

Part VII

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Mine,” Caine snarled, reaching for her with a menacing growl that had her cringing on behalf of the large bastard holding her, but before Caine could follow through with the threat that was so clearly radiating from his incredibly sexy red-eyed glare, the man holding her tossed her away with a chuckle.

            “You must be Danni,” the bastard, who’d tossed her without any warning to her sex-crazed mate, said, sounding amused and earning a red-eyed glare of her own.

            “Mine!” Caine snarled, narrowing his eyes on the newcomer as he adjusted her in his arms and held her closer, squeezing her tight and making sure that the other man knew exactly who she belonged to.

            Sighing heavily as she pushed her mate’s overeager hand off her breast, she focused on the shifter leaning lazily against the tree with his arms folded over his bare, and extremely impressive chest that really didn’t do anything for her, and couldn’t help but wonder why Caine wasn’t attacking him.

            Then again, Caine did seem to be preoccupied with trying to shove his hand beneath her shirt so that he could palm her breast as he glared the other man down. Since he seemed to have other things on his mind, she decided that it was up to her to find out what this Shifter was doing here.

            “And you are?” she asked, cocking a brow in question as she absently pushed Caine’s hand away from her breast as she focused on the shifter watching them, who looked very amused by the site of Caine out of his mind with lust and reduced to growling and pawing at her.

            “Drew,” he said, his lips twitching with amusement when Caine bared his fangs and growled a low warning that the shifter easily ignored. “And you must be Danni?” he guessed, absently scratching his chest.

            “And you know this how?” she demanded, struggling not to roll her eyes, but it was a difficult endeavor when Drew’s lips twitched with amusement as she was forced to wrestle her way out of Caine’s arms so that she could stand in front of him and block that ridiculously large appendage that was bobbing every few seconds, desperately searching for a way to get to her.

            Giving her a bad boy smile, and yes, we was quite familiar with those bad boy smiles thanks to living in a house with shifters, Pytes and Chris, Drew lazily gestured towards Caine was now kissing her neck desperately as he reached around, grabbed each one of her breasts and used his hold to pull her back against him, making her sigh, because really there was no point in trying to explain this, especially to a shifter. “Your mate stopped by my bar last month to catch up on a few things and look for some prick,” Drew said, seemingly undisturbed by the fact that Caine was now under the control of his cock.

            But then again, weren’t most men?

            “You mean Joshua?” she asked, trying to pretend that she wasn’t currently being felt up at the moment and tried to focus on the shifter before her while her mate settled for grinding that large erection between his legs against her bottom, most likely trying to entice her to let him have his way with her.

            “Name sounds familiar,” Drew said offhandedly as he gestured to the perverted bastard behind her. “Now, do you mind telling me why you’re patrolling my lands on a full moon?”

            “Your lands?” she asked with a touch of annoyance as she was forced to slap Caine’s hand when it tried to go south.

            “That’s what I said,” Drew drawled, leaning against the tree as he shifted his attention past her and his easy going expression evaporated before her eyes just as she scented a second shifter approaching.

            “The Council was told that a rogue Pack was heading in this direction tonight,” she said, shooting a curious glance over her shoulder to see a short, curvy brunette, trying to bite back a smug smile, saunter past them.

            “Someone lied to them,” Drew bit out tightly as his eyes shifted to silver and narrowed on the short woman shooting him a wink as she walked past him. “I own this land and the one to the north of it where your friends are beating the shit out of some Sentinel, who seems hell-bent on driving the prick out of his mind.”

            Since she could easily guess who the prick was, and really didn’t care, because she was intrigued by the way that Drew was glaring at the female shifter walking past him and heading deeper into the woods, she didn’t ask for clarification.

            “Leave,” Drew snarled at the female, who sent him a huge smile and a wink as she reached back, grabbed a hold of her shirt and tossed it at him with a, “Nope,” before she threw the black lacy bra that she wore at him, turned around and walked off towards the woods as she kicked off her shoes and pushed down her boots.

            Drew stood there, glaring at the naked woman walking away even as she began to shift, licking his lips hungrily and looking like he’d give everything he had for the right to throttle her with his bare hands.

            Since it was obvious that he’d forgotten all about them, especially when he shoved his pants down, revealing a rather angry looking erection of his own and shifted into one of the largest werewolves that she’d ever seen, picked up the woman’s discarded bra and panties with his razor sharp teeth and slowly stalked after the much smaller werewolf, she decided that perhaps now was as good a time as any to get her mate out of the woods and somewhere safe until he snapped out of this.

            “Mine!” he said as he finally managed to cup her between her legs and followed that with a growled, “Fucking wet.”

            Yeah, it was definitely time to go…


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  1. Avatar Sammy says:

    Take note men, She-wolf had best diversion ever!! AND I love how Cain’s hands just kept roaming! Lol!

  2. Avatar Frida Rodriguez says:

    I absolutely love!!!!!! Your books!!! Keep them coming very fast please!!! These short updates through the chronicles are a God send!!

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