Camping Trip V & News About HFH Series

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I hope you are enjoying your summer and getting a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves. I just wanted to clear some confusion up about the Honeymoon From Hell Series. While it is being sold through iBooks early as my way of saying thank you for everything they did for me and my children, I also wanted to point out that Smashwords (The distributor for the series currently has every single format that you could possibly need of HFH I and II. It’s free to open an account and very easy to purchase a book and put it on your device if you don’t want to wait until December.)

Here is the link for Honeymoon from Hell, Book I from


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R.L. Mathewson


Now onto the Chronicle…..

The content in this Chronicle and on this website is intended for adults, 18 years and older.


The Camping Trip

Part V

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “You want them to scent us?” Danni repeated back slowly even as her beautiful eyes shifted red and focused on his hand, which was currently stroking the hard-on he’d been fighting all day since he’d scented her hormones begin to shift this morning.

            It had taken everything he’d had to keep his hands off her this morning when all he wanted to do was to bend her over and fuck her every time he caught so much as a hint of her scent. Christ, he’d thought she’d smelled good before, but now that everything was in working order and her body had finally regulated itself to Christofer’s blood, she smelled fucking amazing.

            She was driving him out of his fucking mind and she had no idea. None whatsoever. All day she’d acted like nothing was wrong, like every smile that she gave him, every time she touched him or sat on his lap wasn’t fucking torture. He wanted her so badly that he’d spent most of the day trying to avoid her, taking cold showers and struggling against the urge to pull his cock out and stroke it until some of the pressure went away.

            The power she had over him was fucking terrifying, but this…

            She could ask him for anything, absolutely anything at this moment and it would be hers, he realized, closing his eyes and savoring her rich scent as he slowly stroked his cock, making sure to tease the ring at the tip, pretending that it was her talented little tongue teasing it the way that always drove them both out of their fucking minds.

            God, he had to have her, he decided, opening his eyes, not caring that everything was now in various shades of red or that there was probably a very large Pack headed their way. All he wanted to do was to drop to his knees, lick her pussy and savor her sweet scent before he pushed her over onto her hands and knees and fucked her until he filled her with his seed.

            Which was a problem, because neither one of them wanted children.

            At least that’s what he kept telling himself, but it was becoming more difficult with each passing day to remember why he’d made that decision, especially when he saw just how much joy the children of the compound brought their parents. Sometimes he’d find himself standing outside the nursery, watching the children and wondering what it would be like to see his own child curled up in a crib, sleeping peacefully with a sweet little smile on his face, but then he would force himself to walk away and remind himself that it was never going to happen.

            Danni didn’t want children and no matter how he was starting to feel about them, he would never ask her to do something that she didn’t want, which was why he’d kept his hands to himself all day. He’d hoped that no one else would notice or care so that he could stay with the group and cut the chances of him fucking up down, but then the asshole just had to open his fucking mouth.

            Maybe he should have taken her to the hotel, he thought, running the tip of his tongue over his fang as he watched her every move, but he knew that if he had that he would have fucked up and fucked her, and kept fucking her until he could scent his seed taking root. The scents of old sex, mixed with the sounds of humans fucking would have been too much for him to take, which is why he was here, out in the middle of nowhere where she actually had a chance to survive the night without him fucking this whole thing up.

            Taking her here was the best thing for everyone, he absently decided, savoring the scent of her body ripening and her sheath becoming wet as he continued to stroke himself. He could use this situation to find some relief, get a taste of her and then before he did something completely fucked up, he would use all this pent up frustration to put that Pack back in its place and keep the town safe.

            It was the best plan, he repeated for himself as he took a step towards her, the only plan.


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8 Responses to “Camping Trip V & News About HFH Series”

  1. ronnie halvorson says:

    I am confused, are the hfh series, books? or chronicles like you have been posting? Or continues of books?
    Love neighbors from hell books!

    • Lynisha says:

      They are snippets of stories from our favorite characters. This is from the pyte/sentinel book characters

    • Jennie says:

      Honeymoon from Hell books are novellas about each Neighbor from Hell couple’s wedding and honeymoon. There will also be one featuring Jared’s honeymoon from hell. They are available on iBooks and Smasword for now.

  2. Mary says:

    This was one of your best chronicles yet! Can’t wait to find out what happens next! Thanks for the info on the HFH series. Looking forward to December. When can we preorder?

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