Camping Trip: Part XI

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The Camping Trip

Part XI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


Two Hours Later…


            “Break the fucking door down!” Caine screamed, terrified that if they didn’t break down that door soon that Danni would-

            “Oh, fuck yes!” he groaned seconds later, helpless to do anything else when his mate, locked her beautiful red eyes on him as use the hold she had on his cock and brought the tip up and wrapped her very talented lips around the tip, just enough so that she could wrap her lips around his piercing and suckle, forcing his exhausted cock to beg for more.

            When she’d first lured him into the bathroom, he’d been cocky, hungry and so damn sure of himself, but things quickly changed when that bathroom door closed behind him. After that…after that…well, he really didn’t want to think about what happened after that, not just yet, not until he had some time to cope with the memories and accept the things that she’d done to him over the past two hours.

            God, he couldn’t remember most of it, or maybe his mind just wasn’t ready to accept what happened, but god the pleasure, he would never be able to forget the pleasure. Panting hard, he tightened his weak grip around the bathroom counter and with a shaky hand he wrapped his hand around his cock. Closing his eyes, and trying to ignore just how good it felt to have the tip of his exhausted cock licked, sucked and teased in ways that had the power to bring him to his knees, he tried to pull his cock away from her talented mouth, but he just couldn’t force himself to do it even though he didn’t think that he’d be able to survive another orgasm, at least not tonight.

            Christ, maybe not ever again.

            “Mine,” the soft possessive growl somehow managed to startle him even as it made him lick his lips and drop his hand away, too weak to fight her off.

            Not that he would or even could.

            God, that fucking scent of hers was fucking with his head. Every single time he came and thought, prayed really, that death was only seconds away, he would catch a whiff of that earth shattering scent coming off her and his poor cock would turn hard as a rock before the last tremor had a chance to leave his body and he would want her all over again.

            He tried to talk some sense into her, more like mumble and beg her to show him some mercy, but nothing worked. Her body was in charge right now and they both knew it. As long as she was in heat and those assholes hanging out in the hallway, trying to keep humans from getting to close to their room refused to bust down the door and save his ass, he was stuck here.

            That didn’t mean that he was going to go down without a fight. She might be in heat, but he knew that she wouldn’t be happy if he managed to get a baby on her so he’d made damn sure that none of his seed had managed to reach its goal. He also had no clue what mixture of demon blood they’d given her, or how it had affected her. This could last a few hours, days or if fate really wanted to fuck with him, until his seed took.

            The fact that she didn’t want a baby, kept playing through his head, the only sane thought left in his head and the one that was going to keep his balls safe when this was all over. Every single time pleasure shot through his cock and his balls pulled up tight, ready to answer her body’s call, he somehow found the willpower to hold back to the last second and then pull out and spend his seed far away from her as he could. Sometimes she would help him out, pull off him so that she could take him in her mouth and finish him, making it easier for him to think straight.

            At least for a few seconds, but once he caught her scent and the determined look in her eye, he knew that she wasn’t even close to being done with him. When reinforcements arrived a few hours ago, he thought that he’d finally been saved, but he’d been wrong.

            So, fucking wrong…

            A Pyte, a shifter and a fucking Alpha were too fucking scared to come between a female Pyte in heat and her mate. It didn’t matter how many times he screamed for help or threatened to kick their collective asses, they simply ignored him as they did their best to keep humans from this section of the hotel to keep them safe, but who was fucking making sure that he was kept safe?

            “Caine,” the seductive whisper came as she gave his cock one last lick before slowly pulling away and before he could choke on his next breath, getting down on all fours in front of him, shaking that beautiful ass enticingly in front of him.

            Helplessly licking his lips, he looked from the beautiful ass swaying invitingly, letting him know exactly what she wanted and to the bathroom door, the only means of escape. His eyes shifted from her beautiful bottom to the door, from the door back to the beautiful ass waiting for him.


            He needed to make his escape now before it was too late, before he did something that they would both regret. He needed to get out of here now and-

            “Caine,” the seductive whisper grabbed his attention away from the door and back to the beautiful woman on her hands and knees, waiting for him to fuck her.

            Licking his lips, he weakly mumbled, “Help,” with a whimper as he somehow managed to pull himself up and get on his knees.

            “Caine, please!” Danni groaned, pushing her ass back towards him in offering as he fell forward, barely catching himself in time before he fell face first into the floor.

            He had to get out of here…

            He needed to get out of here, for her safety and his sanity, he needed to go now, he told himself as he began crawling towards the bathroom door only to moan in ecstasy seconds later as he found himself sliding inside her.

            He was so fucking weak, he decided with a groan of pleasure as he grabbed onto her curvy hips with trembling hands and held on while his weak body tried to keep up with his mate’s needs.

            God, she was going to fucking kill him, he thought as he pulled back, making sure the tip of his piercing rubbed her the way that she liked before he pushed back inside, loving the way her pussy welcomed him home and praying that he was able to find the strength one last time to do the right thing.


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9 Responses to “Camping Trip: Part XI”

  1. Avatar Gina W. says:

    Omg!! I hope he loses his mind and just lets go. I want them to have a baby. I think they’d be awesome parents.

  2. Avatar Misty says:

    No baby!! I love your chronicles, but this one is getting old. Neither one wants a baby so abide by their rational wants, not a heat of the moment desire. Ugh, they’ll eventually resent the kid, I would.

  3. Avatar Emma says:

    WOW!!! I know that thay’ve both made it clear that they dont want kids but at the same time with the way its been written I think they are too verbal about it almost as if they do want kids but aren’t admitting it themselves as they think the other one doesnt want them…… So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE say he lets go and they have a kid ooo or Twins, they would make amazing parents

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