Camping Trip: Part VIII

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Camping Trip


An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            Maybe she should have taken him back to the mansion instead, Danni absently thought as she discretely slapped Caine’s hand away when it made another attempt to grab her breast.

            Maybe not, she decided when he released a vicious growl as he went in for another grab, forcing her to slap his hand away even as she smoothly stepped in front of him, coming between him and the visibly frightened man, staring at them in mute horror as he limply held out a worn copper key attached to a cheap off-white, warped keychain that had seen better days.

            “Thank you,” she said with a forced smile, accepting the key as she choked back a gasp when the horny bastard behind her switched his focus to her ass.

            “Y-you’re welcome,” the poor man that would probably require years of therapy thanks to them mumbled absently as he kept his terrified gaze locked on Caine, instinctually knowing that if he so much as gazed her way that Caine would probably tear his throat out.

           He was reacting to her, which was a little unnerving and made her seriously wonder what all that demon blood and Christofer’s blood had done to her, because a human male should not be able to pick up on the fact that she was fertile. And yes, she refused to refer to it as her coming into heat, because she wasn’t a fucking dog and the next person who called it that was going to seriously get bitch slapped.

            “Have a good night,” she said with a forced smile as she reached back and grabbed Caine’s wondering hand as she turned around and-

            “Stop it!” she hissed when she saw the way that he was glaring at the poor guy ready to piss himself.

            “Mine,” Caine growled through clenched teeth, which helped hide the fact that his fangs had slid down.

            “O-okay,” the human male said, swallowing nervously as he stumbled back into the wall and edged towards the door marked, “Office.”

            Sighing, she reached up with her free hand and made sure that the sunglasses that she’d forced him to wear were snuggly in place so that the red eyes that she knew were glimmering with possessive rage were hidden. Once that was done and Caine released a growl of warning that sent the clerk running for the office, she shook her head in disgust and dragged him out of the front office.

            “This is going to be a long night,” she muttered to herself as she dragged him towards the opposite side of the parking lot and the room that she’d rented for the night.

            “You smell so fucking good,” he growled as he used his hold on her hand and pulled her to a stop so that he could lean in brush his lips down her neck, causing a shiver of pleasure to rip through her body, “but I bet you taste even better.”

            She opened her mouth to remind him that they needed to be careful when the bastard went ahead and skimmed the tips of his fangs down her neck, earning another groan as he pressed the hard erection waiting for her against her bottom and ground against her, earning an, “Oh, my God,” as she felt warmth begin to spread through her body.

            “As soon as we get in that room,” he growled, wrapping one arm around her waist as he reached down and took the key out her trembling hand, “you either better get on your hands and knees or drop to your knees, because one way or another I plan on being inside you within the next minute.”

            Her mouth fluttered open as her brain struggled to find a response, but all she could think about was how badly she suddenly wanted to drop to her knees and suck on his large cock as she flicked his piercing with her tongue until he lost control. She suddenly wanted that so badly that she thought she would die if she didn’t wrap her lips around him as he slid inside her mouth.

            What hell was wrong with her? she absently wondered as she allowed him to lead her to the door of their hotel room. One minute she was focused on getting him away from every body and talking some sense into him and the next she felt like her entire body was on fire and she die if he didn’t fuck her.

            “Your scent’s stronger,” he growled approvingly as he slid the key inside the lock, shoved the door open and guided her inside.

            Before the sound of the door shutting behind them with a click echoed throughout the room, she found herself turned around, pressed up against the door and her pants and panties ripped clean from her body. She slapped her hands against the door, tilted her hips and pushed back, no longer caring that they might fuck up tonight and make the biggest mistake of their lives.

            She needed him so badly right now and nothing else mattered. When he grabbed hold of her hips, pulled her hips out more and slid inside her, she was helpless to do anything but scream his name in relief.

            “So fucking wet,” he groaned, kissing her neck as he kept one hand locked on her hip and reached up and tore her shirt and bra off as frantically worked at toeing her shoes off and pushing back, demanding more.

            “Caine,” she mumbled his name over and over again like a prayer as she began to feel like she was out of control.

            God, she’d never felt like this before, never wanted him this badly, never felt like her body was on the verge of exploding so soon and never felt like her body was-

            On fire.

            A strangled scream escaped as her mind finally caught up with what was going on with her body. She was burning up.

            “Shit!” Caine snapped, pulling out of her and swooped her off her feet and ran for the bathroom while she continued to scream as her body continued to get hotter until she didn’t think that she could take anymore.

            “Hold on, baby,” she thought she heard Caine say, but by this point she was could barely hear anything over her screams of pain as every inch of her body felt like it was on fire.

            What the hell had they given her in that blood, she wondered as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she felt her body violently jerk in Caine’s arms as he did his best to hold onto her.


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  1. Avatar Denise Navone says:

    Such a major Tease…. Come on woman if you keep this up we’ll all explode….. Can’t wait for next week.

  2. Avatar Lynn Latimer says:

    Ugh!! Just when it was getting interesting. Really want to know what happens can’t wait until next week.

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