Camping Trip: Part II

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Camping Trip

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

            “Well, this is just fucking terrific,” Chris said, looking across the fire at the two men that he was spending Father’s Day with instead of his mate and children.

            “We didn’t have a choice,” his father said, picking up a small twig and tossed it in the roaring fire that they’d started an hour ago when they’d realized that this wasn’t going to be a simple mission, not when they were now short two people thanks to the asshole glaring at him.

            “He could have come back after dropping her off,” he bit out, knowing that he was pouting and not really giving a flying fuck.

            This was Father’s Day and he was supposed to be home with his family, holding his babies and showing the woman that had given him everything just how much she meant to him, but instead he was here, in the middle of nowhere on the off-chance that a rogue Pack was going to try and make it’s way through their territory. If the asshole had kept his mouth shut, he could be home right now enjoying time with his family.

            “She had to go,” his father said, looking just as unhappy about being here as he was.

            Neither one of them wanted to be here, but they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, not since the Council had made the fucked up decision to put the prick glaring at him in charge of hunting down Pytes. Not only couldn’t they ignore the possibility of a rogue Pack coming so close to their home, but they couldn’t overlook the fact that the Pack’s alpha might have information that could lead them to the capture of another Pyte, not when there was so much riding on them stopping the Masters from getting their hands on them first.

            “She would have had the Pack salivating,” Kale, the asshole that he wanted to throttle, added as though he hadn’t already figured it out.

            They’d all known that Danni could now become fertile thanks to Christofer’s blood, he just hadn’t expected it to happen this quickly. Even though his sense of smell was slightly stronger than a human’s, it was still nowhere strong enough to detect the simple hormonal changes in a woman. Caine had detected it and so had his father, but until Kale said something they hadn’t been sure that shifters could smell it as well. She was apparently in the beginning stages of a cycle, but apparently it was enough to draw the attention of every shifter within fifty miles.

            Since they would rather avoid having to deal with putting down a Pack tonight, they decided that it was for the best if she left and of course, Caine had refused to leave her side, which meant that Chris was stuck here, because he couldn’t leave his father without backup no matter how badly he wanted to be with his family.

            “Are you going to pout all night?” Kale asked, not really sounding like he cared one way or the other.

            “No,” Chris said, shaking his head as he threw another log onto the fire, “I plan on making your life a living hell for the rest of the night.”

            “And how exactly do you plan on doing that?” Kale asked, sounding bored as he closed his eyes and leaned back against the tree, clearly intent on catching up on some sleep before the fun began.

            “Oh, fuck…,” his father said, closing his eyes in resignation as his shoulders sagged in defeat, because he knew exactly how far Chris was willing to go to piss the shifter off and he didn’t care if he had to fuck over everyone else around him in order to do it.

            “Nothing much,” Chris said, shrugging as he sat back against his tree and stared at the bastard that was forcing him to do the unthinkable.

            “You’re all talk, asshole,” Kale said, not even bothering to open his eyes, telling Chris everything that he needed to know.

            The asshole had absolutely no idea how far he’d pushed him tonight.

            Too goddamn far.

            “Really? You think so?” Chris asked with a small mocking smile that had his father cursing under his breath as he resigned himself to whatever bullshit Chris was about to dish out on the shifter.

            “I know it.”

            Chris nodded as he pretended to consider the shifter’s words. “You could be right.”

            “I am,” Kale said firmly.

            “But then again, you could be wrong,” Chris pointed out thoughtfully as watched the shifter, who appeared seconds away from dozing off.

            “And you could shut up,” Kale added, sounding pissed, which was understandable considering the fact that the shifter was probably exhausted from his last job and could use some rest.

            Then again, Chris really could have used a night off with his family.

            “I could….but, I’m not going to,” Chris said, shifting against the tree to get more comfortable.

            “And it would be a damn shame if I had to beat the shit out of you,” Kale said offhandedly, looking oddly peaceful as he started to doze off.

            “You could, but then you’d miss out on Jessica’s favorite new song,” he said with satisfaction when the asshole’s eyes shot open in panic.

            “You wouldn’t!” Kale snarled, his eyes shifting silver as his fangs dropped in warning, but they both knew that he was untouchable thanks to his mate, which is why he had no problem going through with the most fucked up thing that he’d ever done.

            “It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small…small…world,” he began to sing with a smile, ignoring the fact that his father was now glaring at him through red eyes and the shifter was clearly struggling not to jump over the fire and rip his throat out, but he simply ignored them and continued singing the most fucked up song known to man no matter how badly he wanted to stop, because the asshole had this one coming and he was damn well going to deliver.


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12 Responses to “Camping Trip: Part II”

  1. Avatar Sandy Schmidt says:

    I look forward to these every Sunday. Thank you SO much for writing these for us!! I LOVE them!

  2. Avatar Susanne Hayward says:

    I am not a big fan of vampire, werewolves, etc.. Books, BUT I love these!!! Ephraim is still my favorite & I can’t WAIT to find out what happens next!! I am sooo eager to know about Joshua, I almost can’t stand it!! Can’t wait for the next installment!!

  3. Avatar wickedwitch says:

    I have to agree after being stuck on the ride for half an hour believe me I know . And woke up still singing it the next morning

  4. Avatar Jennie says:

    Must admit, totally thought Chris was going to magically pull out supplies to make smores. This was great!

  5. Avatar T'Que says:

    As much as I love these–and I really do– I sincerely hope your son is doing much better this week and will continue to do so. All the best

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