Bradford Family Tree

Bradford Family Tree

(Well Part of It)


Timothy and Regan Bradford, children are:

  1. Jared married Megan, their son is Jason Bradford (m. Haley), father of Cole, Elizabeth, and Joshua.
  2. Sarah, divorced before she passed away. Her son is Trevor who married Zoe, and fathered, Jonathan, Sebastian, Mathew, and Jessica.
  3. Ethan married Mary, and their children are, Duncan (m. Necie), Danny (m. Jodi), Lucifer (m. Rebecca), Kenzie, Arik, Garrett, Reese (m. Kasey, child Mikey), Darrin (m. Marybeth, triplet girls), and Aidan.
  4. Mark married Jessie, sons are Reed and Matt.
  5. Ryan, married Amanda, their children are, Eric and Theo.


The James Family

(Cousins to the Bradfords)


Raised by Wes and Beth Bradford:

David James, divorced, raised children by himself, Rory (m. Connor), Bryce, Johnny, Craig, Brian and Sean.




36 Responses to “Bradford Family Tree”

  1. Aarohi says:

    I almost thought you forgot about family tree… Thank you so much!!!
    Give the family of Pyte/Sentinel series too.. there’s too many of them…. waiting eagerly for Kyle’s book..

      • Aarohi says:

        Character glossary will do.. coz now there is lot of combination like shifter and sentinel.. then there’s demons, vampires, pytes etc. And how are they different from each other characteristics wise…

      • Amberlea Davis says:

        Are you sure the Bradfords aren’t related to the Pytes and Sentinels? The reason I ask (without revealing any confidential client information) is that I’ve read about how Isabella and Kane eat. I believe, the only reason Isabella (Sentinel) and Kane (shifter) haven’t been kicked out of Vegas is because Isabella hacked the cameras to blame the Bradfords.

        • R.L. Mathewson says:

          Shifters eat a lot, especially junk food 🙂 And Izzy grew up on junk food and embraced the hacker lifestyle of junk food, energy drinks and plenty of caffeine 🙂

  2. Sabrina says:

    I’m just a fan, and please forgive if I’m wrong but are there kids missing on this? Cause I took an attempt on a family tree and I have Reese and Kasey with a set of twin boys and Danny and Joni as well?

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      No, there’s more…I just didn’t add them yet. I will. I got the basics in there. There are about six more that were never mentioned. I wanted to keep it simple for now.

  3. Monika says:

    Thanks so much for the famy tree this helps a lot when trying to keep track of everybody

    On another note just finished the Promise and I love it. worth the wait. Can’t wait for the extra chapters

  4. Janet says:

    I had just decided to re-read the series and began jotting down a family tree to keep everyone in line, when I found this tree on your website. Thank you for this, however, where does “Uncle Chuck” mentioned in Playing for Keeps fall into the family tree?

  5. Kaytlin Randall says:

    Hey I know this probably isn’t easy to update but now that finally comes out next month and that character isn’t on here can you add the missing family memebers?? I refer to this wayyy to much while reading the books when characters are mentioned.

  6. Megan says:

    Hey, don’t know if you’re interested but there is a free family tree website called (I’m not connected to in any way), it’s super easy to update and I use it all the time to keep different authors’ character family trees straight.

  7. No’Elle says:

    What are the actually ages for the main characters in each NFH book At the time of their story)?
    I know some of their ages were mentioned in their story (like Zoe mentioned she was 29), or if you do the math you can somewhat figure it out, but a few of them seemed to go over my head. It’s not a majorly important detail, I’ve just always wondered if you’ve ever had specific ages in mind for all of them at the time.
    I just can’t get enough of the Bradfords, love them.

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      There are specific ages for the characters in the books, but off the top of my head I don’t remember them. They are all in their mid to late twenties at the time of their books, except for Mikey and Sebastian who are 14 atm in their book 🙂

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