Boston Signing and possibly a VA signing :)

Hello 🙂

Just to update everyone, my medical leave is going smoothly so far. I’m writing when I get the chance, which is saving me from boredom, lol. There is a book signng in Boston, MA on March 16th that I will be attending as an author. I’ll post a link with more information on my FB page soon. It sounds like fun. Some great authors are going like S.C. Stephens and Tine Reber I believe 🙂 So if you’re in the area come check it out and keep me company 🙂

I may be planning a last minute VA book singing soon. Not sure yet, but it seems possible. If I can’t get anything officially set up then I might just see what else I can do 🙂

Thank you for your kind emails and messages. Can’t wait to get back to writing full time 🙂


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