The 2015 Collection of R.L. Mathewson Chronicles


Book 2 in series


The 2015 collection of R.L. Mathewson Chronicles. The Chronicles are continuations of the books that you loved, The Neighbor from Hell Collection, Pyte/Sentinel Series, EMS series, Hollywood Heart series, etc.

The Chronicles are posted on my website every Sunday for free at, but a lot of readers prefer to have the Chronicles in a collection so that they can enjoy them at their leisure.

This collection of Chronicles includes:

*A special sneak peek at Christmas from Hell, the next Neighbor from Hell novel.
*Trick or Treat (Never before published NFH Chronicle)
*Pyte Halloween
*A Mother’s Day Special
*A Very Bradford Easter
*A Bradford Princess
*A Valentine’s Day special
*What Really Happened
*What Happens at a buffet
*The day after Christmas
*Cafeteria Wars
*New Year’s Eve


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