Black Heart


Book 1 in series


From bestselling author R.L. Mathewson comes the Cursed Heart series, a paranormal series with a twist for readers who enjoy books about soulmates.

Everyone has a secret…

There was something seriously wrong with Marty. That was the only explanation that she could come up with to explain why after all these years, she still couldn’t escape this hold he had on her. He’d made it clear years ago that he didn’t want her and now…

She wasn’t sure that she would be able to survive having her heart broken this time around.

Staying here was a mistake, one that Tristan Black was determined to rectify as soon as he found the willpower to turn his back on the one woman that he could never allow himself to have. She deserved better than him, but even knowing what waited for him if she ever discovered his secret couldn’t stop him from doing the one thing that he’d swore that he would never do.

Make her his.




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