Because I Am a Tease and This Really Amused Me

An excerpt from Honeymoon from Hell III

Connor and Rory’s story……


Then again, this was Connor they were talking about here so…

            “What did you do?” she asked, closing her eyes in resignation as she waited to hear what her husband did, because as badly as she wanted to believe that it was her brothers and cousins that had done something seriously fucked up, she knew her husband too well to even consider any other possibilities.

            His warm chuckle only confirmed her suspicions.

            “I took the golden opportunity to get to know my in-laws a little better,” he said, sounding amused as he shot her a wink over his shoulder, which earned outraged gasps from the big babies still glaring at him.

            “He went too far!”

            “I felt dirty!” Johnny cried, wrapping his large arms around himself as he backed up against the wall and shuddered at whatever memory was running through his head at the moment. “Dirty. So, dirty,” he mumbled to himself, staring down at the floor as another shudder tore through him.

            “There are thing you just don’t do, you sick bastard!” Bryce snarled, taking a threatening towards Connor only to have Craig grab him by the arm and stop him.

            “Not in front of her,” Craig bit out even as his glare told her just how much he’d love to get his hands on Connor.

            It was at that moment that she realized that all of her brothers and cousins looked like they’d been dragged through hell and back. Their clothes were torn, they were covered in dirt, debris, their hair was a mess, all of them could use a shave, their eyes were bloodshot, they looked exhausted and each and every single one of them was looking at her husband as though he were the devil himself.

            “Why don’t we take this conversation over to Dad’s place,” Bryce said with an anticipatory gleam in his eye that she didn’t really care for.

            Not at all.


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7 Responses to “Because I Am a Tease and This Really Amused Me”

  1. Avatar Sammy says:

    Love it!!! Rory and Conner are my faborite couple. All of their legendary pranks are glorious! Lol!

    • Avatar Jessica Atchison says:

      The Honeymoon from Hell series will be released in all formats in December. It is also available now in all formats from Smashwords.

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