Back to School Shopping: Part IV

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Back to School Shopping

Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Don’t panic,” Trevor bit out, struggling to listen to his own advice when all he wanted to do was to run towards the hardware section and grab his boys before-

“Don’t panic about what?” Sebastian asked, drawing his attention to his left where both of his sons stood, frowning.

“Oh, thank god,” Jason said, placing a hand against his chest, looking truly relieved that the boys weren’t behind all that screaming.

Not that he could blame his cousin since Jason had been on the receiving end of the twin’s mischief more times than either one of them could count. For whatever reason, no matter what the twins put Jason through he always forgave the boys. It was probably the reason why Jason had become his best friend over the years. That and they had the same blood type so if the boys ended up doing something that caused them to spend a night in the hospital, again, they’d survive.

“What’s going on?” Jonathan asked around a bite of the chocolate candy bar in his hand.

Frowning, Trevor gestured to the candy the boys were holding. “Where did you get those?”

Shrugging, Sebastian took a bite out of his chocolate candy bar as he gestured towards the back of the store. “They’re giving away food to customers,” he said with a shrug.

“What kind of food?” he asked, even as he told himself that he couldn’t indulge.

He was here to do a job and he was going to do it, especially since Zoe had promised to wake him up for a midnight snack, a platter of sandwiches of course, and a blowjob. Since they were both things that she excelled at doing, he was understandably eager to earn them.

Which meant that he would not be partaking of-

“Where did Uncle Jason go?” Sebastian asked as he shoved the last bite of candy bar in his mouth while Trevor once again tried not to panic.

It would be fine, he told himself, as dread settled hard in his stomach and panic once again took over.


He should have brought Reese or Darrin with him instead since his cousins knew exactly how to deal with Bradford twins, being a pair themselves. It also didn’t hurt that they were both cops and more than capable of keeping the boys in line without getting distracted over the promise of a few samples of-

“They have cake,” Jonathan decided to add to the conversation, already looking bored as he finished off his candy bar and gazed around at the clothes surrounding them.

“They would have cake,” he groaned as he shoved his fingers through his hair while he looked around them, trying not to scare the boys as he looked for the greedy bastard.

If they didn’t find him soon they were going to have to leave or risk being dragged into this and end up banned from another store, which would result in him losing his midnight snack. Since that wasn’t going to happen, it would probably be for the best if they-

“Boys?” he asked quietly when he realized that sometime in the last fifteen seconds that his boys had disappeared along with Jason.

When they didn’t answer, and he knew better than expected them to, he resigned himself to the lonely night ahead and stepped out of the way of the small group of women and children fleeing from the general direction that he assumed his asshole cousin and children had disappeared.


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  1. Avatar Diane says:

    I can’t help but wonder what Trevor would do if he or the twins really upset Zoe till she cried that and whether they’re ever going to get school uniform. Lol

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