Babysitting Bradfords Part II

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Babysitting Bradfords

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


He was going to fucking kill Devin, Jason thought as he sat there, staring at the twins that played him so fucking well. He never should have looked beneath that bed, but he’d looked everywhere else for them and…

God, he should have fucking known better.

“We need more chocolate,” Abbi said with a firm nod as she reached over and grabbed a handful of M&Ms and tossed them into the large mixing bowl overflowing with ice cream and a shitload of toppings.

Using a mixing spoon, Dustin scooped up some ice cream, took a bite and shook his head. “More hot fudge,” the little boy that had tied him up, said as Jason laid there, seething with rage.

“What should we do with him?” Abbi asked, sounding bored as her brother dumped another jar of hot fudge in the bowl.

Frowning, Dustin glanced over at him and shrugged. “Leave him,” which caused Jason to narrow his eyes on the little boy that was going to pay for taping his mouth shut with paper mâché.

“Mommy and Daddy will be home soon,” Abbi reminded him.

“Not for two more hours,” Dustin said, shrugging it off as he helped himself to more ice cream.

“What do we do with him until then?” Abbi asked, shifting her attention back to the ice cream, already forgetting about him.

Throwing Jason a thoughtful look, Dustin murmured, “That’s a good question…”


“Jason’s going to kill us,” Charlie said, unable to help but moan as Devin kissed his way down her neck as he squeezed her bottom, using his hold to move her on him.

“Probably,” Devin murmured absently, not really sounding all that concerned as he kissed his way back up her neck and took her mouth in a hungry kiss that had her deciding that they could wait a few more minutes before they went inside and-

Devin chuckled as he broke off the kiss so that he could place his hand over the soft swell of her belly while her stomach reminded them that they’d skipped dinner. They’d planned on going to their favorite restaurant for dinner only they’d never made it out of the car. She didn’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones or the fact that they were still in the honeymoon stage, but she couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

“Why don’t we go inside and while you check on the twins, I’ll make us something to eat and then we can go upstairs and finish what we started,” Devin said as he reached over and opened his car door.

“Or…” Charlie said, carefully climbing off his lap and out of the car, “we could go inside, check on the twins, and then you can take me upstairs and we can spend the rest of the night doing that thing that probably got me pregnant in the first place.”

Groaning, Devin climbed out of the car, his mouth on hers a second later. He kept kissing her as he shut the car door behind them, walked up to the house, fumbled their way inside and barely made it to the couch before he was ripping her clothes off. She was pulling his belt loose when something occurred to her.

“Where’s Jason?”

“Hmmm?” Devin murmured absently as his mouth found her neck and she found herself glancing around the surprisingly clean living room. Everything was where it was supposed to be, the tables were polished to the a shine, the television was off, and the house was quiet.

Too quiet.

Trying not to panic, Charlie moved to sit up right around the time that Devin realized that there was something very wrong here.

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