Another teaser from Fire & Brimstone

       “What happened?” Melanie, her best friend since the second grade and roommate, asked as Rebecca quietly closed the door behind her.

            “He fired me again,” she admitted as she tried to go for casual while she walked through their loft-style apartment and headed towards the bathroom.

            “Going to be sick?” Melanie asked around a yawn from where she lounged on the couch with a magazine, a Coke and her reason for living, a double chocolate fudge Pop-Tart.

            “No, no of course not,” she lied, barely resisting the urge to place her hand over her stomach, dive for the wastebasket by the kitchen island and finally find some relief from the damn nausea that had been plaguing her since breakfast.

            “Really?” Melanie asked, cocking a brow as she continued to thumb through her magazine.

            “I’m fine,” Rebecca said, forcing herself to stop a mere twenty feet from her salvation.

            “Really?” Melanie asked, not sounding as though she really believed her, which of course was a problem since Rebecca really didn’t want to go to this appointment, but unless she was able to convince Melanie that she was fine, she-

            “You’re not getting out of this appointment,” the bossy woman announced with a bored sigh, making Rebecca regret offering to share her juice box all those years ago.

            “I’m fine,” she bit out, outraged that her best friend refused to believe her.

            “Then explain why you’re pale,” Melanie demanded, still not looking up from her magazine, but then again she probably didn’t need to after all these years to know when Rebecca was sick.

            “Because I’m Irish,” she reminded her inconsiderate friend.

            “And the trembling?”

            “Left over adrenaline surge from my meeting with Lucifer,” she explained with a small sniffle, hoping to play on her best friend’s sympathetic heart to get out of this since the last thing that she wanted to do was waste her day at another doctor’s office just so they could tell her that it was all in her head.

            “Nice try, but you’re not getting out of this,” Melanie, the cold hearted bitch, said, sounding bored while Rebecca stood there, bottom lip trembling, eyes tearing up as she hugged herself, making sure to look appropriately traumatized.

            “It was so t-terrifying,” she said, waiting two crucial seconds before she added a little sob at the end there, hoping that it would be enough so that they could end this charade so that they could get on with their lives.

            “Uh huh,” Melanie mumbled, still not bothering to grant her the courtesy of a glance as she sipped her Coke.

            “I don’t think I’ll ever get over it,” Rebecca whispered harshly, taking a discrete step in the direction of the bathroom, praying that the traitor hadn’t noticed.

            “First off,” Melanie began only pausing long enough to take another sip of her soda, “you are probably the only person alive that isn’t terrified of Lucifer Bradford.”

            Rebecca began to argue, simply to argue, but the damn woman wasn’t done yet. “Secondly, you’re not fooling anyone with that pathetic lip tremble. If you’re going to be sick then get it over with, because you’re not getting sick in my car, again,” Melanie announced on another bored sigh that earned a glare.

            Rebecca continued to stand there glowering at her friend, a thousand arguments running through her head, but her damn stomach decided that it was time to take this to the next level and start cramping, nearly knocking her on her ass and guaranteeing that Melanie won this match.

            That didn’t mean that she planned on going quietly to this appointment, because she didn’t.

            She’d get out of this appointment like she’d gotten out of so many before. All she had to do was-

            “Tick, tock,” the annoying bitch that she hated more with every passing second, said mockingly, forever earning her hatred.

            “This isn’t over!” Rebecca snapped, simply because it was and they both knew it.

            “Whatever you say, sunshine,” Melanie said in an annoying singsong voice just to piss her off even more.


© Rerum Industries, Inc. 2016. All Rights Reserved. 

62 Responses to “Another teaser from Fire & Brimstone”

  1. Avatar Kimberly says:

    As always…’ve outdone yourself!!!! I’m beyond anxious waiting for this book to come out!!!! You are such an amazing writer!!!

  2. Avatar Robin Proffitt says:

    When is this releasing?? I am so excited and need to put it on my calendar. When can we pre-order?

  3. Avatar Jean says:

    Ok lady. We have all been asking when we can buy this. But stubbornly you have decided to be professional and your own woman and do things on your own time. (The nerve!) 🙂

    So I’m taking a different approach…. RL, how many pans of brownies do you need to get this book to me? That’s right, the gloves are off. I’m offering sugary bribes.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Lol, Jean,

      My goal is to release it as soon as it’s done so that nobody has two wait any longer. Everyone’s been waiting so long for this book that I’d like to just release it 🙂


      • Avatar Angela says:

        Can’t freaking wait! You are great giving us all these teasers while we wait impatiently for your book. Thanks, You ROCK

      • Avatar Kimberly says:

        So you don’t want us to send you brownies to help you write it?!!! I’d be happy to send you a batch just because you’re my favorite author and I absolutely love your sense of humor!!!!!

  4. Avatar JoeyD says:

    I’ll make the chocolate frosting for the brownies. I’ll even bring sprinkles. Who can resist sprinkles?

    I CANNOT WAIT much longer. I am DYIN’ here. I want this book SO bad!

  5. Avatar Stacey says:

    Ok lady. I’m willing to go full out Bradford Buffet if I don’t get this book VERY soon. I’m talk completely banned from a city for generations. I. Not . playing.

  6. Avatar Renee says:

    I’ll add in some cupcakes with peanut butter frosting for a yummy delicious treat if you tell us when the book is coming out!?

  7. Avatar Sara says:

    I always love R.L. Mathewson’s books, her ability to really tell a funny crazy story is amazing! She ozone of my favorite got to authors!!!

  8. Avatar Liz S says:

    Just downloaded the book and cannot wait to read it. Love the NFH series and all the Bradfords. Now I’ll be patiently (and maybe not so patiently) for Reese’s story.

  9. Avatar Lauren says:

    I can not wait to start this book!!!! I will be telling people I’m unreachable and blaming you publicly!!!

  10. Avatar Chey Mercado says:

    Bought it late last night. Waiting the drop off the kids to school so I can abandon the world and get lost in this book! Mahalo for the chance!

  11. Avatar Amaris says:

    I absolutely loveeeee this series!!! I’ve read every single book but NFH are my favourites. Can’t wait to get into this one!!

  12. Avatar Cynthia Chan says:

    Will make this book my next read… I just love your Bradford series which make me laugh and I can lose myself in it.

  13. Avatar Kimberly Clark says:

    Now that I’ve read the book. I must say that each excerpt could go sooo many ways. I never thought it would go the direction it did or how Niecie’s Bakery would play a role in the book, but how great how things fit together. Trying not to give away spoilers but when I read the excerpt I really didn’t see thing going the way the did. As I keep saying ” you’re a genius “!!!!!

  14. Avatar Mariana M. says:

    I am so glad this book has finally been released! I love the characters already from the two excerpts I’ve read. I’m really excited to finish the book.

  15. Avatar Jen H says:

    Just finished reading this book. And. I. Loved. It! It was laugh out loud funny. I’m always so happy to read about my favorite characters and see what they are up to and I’m so sad when I’m finished and they have to leave. Rebecca is awesome with starting devious sh!t. She might be my new hero. Keep the great work.

  16. Avatar Anna Ward says:

    I loved everything about this book their story was great and it kept me laughing. This whole series has been great, l love the eating disorder that is so funny.

  17. Avatar Kayleigh Brindley says:

    I LOVED Fire & Brimstone. It’s funny, touching and hot as hell!
    I cannot wait for Aiden’s story and just want to thank R.L for sharing her talent with all of us 🙂

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