Another Excerpt from Delectable…Probably the last one


From Delectable……..

Adults only!!!

“I’m starving,” the naked woman currently draped over him grumbled, reminding him that they hadn’t had a chance to eat last night.

“Me, too,” he said, struggling to find the energy to get up and do something about it.

Nine times, he thought with a smile before frowning.

Or was it ten?

Deciding that it didn’t matter, he reached over and grabbed her cellphone off the nightstand and checked the time. It was after eight o’clock in the morning, he was starving, exhausted, and more than okay with passing out and sleeping away the rest of the day, but the demanding woman on his back was apparently having none of that.

With a groan, she rolled off his back and-


Kept on rolling until she landed on the floor on that beautiful ass that he couldn’t seem to get enough of. Smiling, he opened one eye to watch her as she stood up, gently rubbing her bottom as she dragged herself towards the bedroom door, pulling on one of his shirts along the way. Deciding that he needed to conserve his energy in case she needed help, he closed his eyes and groaned when she came back a minute later and flopped herself back down on top of his with a sigh.

“The snack box is empty,” she mumbled, which really didn’t surprise him.

“Trevor and Jason must have come over to work on the kitchen,” he mumbled, not bothering to open his eyes.

“That would explain why they’re outside getting out their tools,” she said, squirming on top of him to get comfortable.

“We’re almost done,” he mumbled, already starting to fall asleep again.

“This doesn’t solve my most pressing issue at the moment, yummy,” she grumbled as she continued to squirm.

“And what’s that?”

“You need to feed me.”

“I wish I’d known you were high maintenance before I let you have your way with me,” he said on a heavy sigh as though this somehow pained him.

“Live and learn, Yummy. Live and learn,” she said, pressing a kiss against his shoulder that had him smiling.

When he didn’t respond, she squirmed again to get his attention. “Are you going to feed me?”

“Do I have to?” he asked, making sure to sound put out.

“Yes, yes you do.”

“I’m going to need a shower first.”

“That really went without saying, Yummy,” she said, pressing another kiss against his shoulder before she rolled off him, more carefully this time.

“And you’re going to let me have my way with you in the shower?”

“Again, that just went without saying,” she said, making him smile as he rolled off the bed and followed her into the shower where he put that faded tiled wall that needed to be replaced to good use.


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18 Responses to “Another Excerpt from Delectable…Probably the last one”

  1. Avatar Sandy says:

    I can not wait to read this book!! When is the pre order? I have to pre order as soon as possible!

  2. Avatar Kelly says:

    This is going to be another great NFH book . These are stories I can easily go back and reread over and over again. They put smiles on my face.

  3. Avatar Renee says:

    Probably the last excerpt?! Say it ain’t so😩! I can’t wait to read more about yummy and kasey.! Please hurry so I can preorder 😁

  4. Avatar Shelagh says:

    Good because I’ve just started to re read nfh again so by the time I’ve finished this one might be out lol xx

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