And So It Begins X…

And So It Begins X…

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“I see that you managed to run Jason off,” Trevor murmured as he watched Jason pause by the door, looking torn between staying and making a run for it.

“Mikey has a new fast ball,” Sebastian said, making Trevor wince in sympathy as he glanced from Jason, who was now glaring at Sebastian, to Mikey, who was adding another scoopful of mashed potatoes on a plate with the saddest expression that he’d ever seen.

“And Jason wasn’t willing to be the guinea pig,” Trevor drawled as he sat down across from his son.

“No, he wasn’t,” Sebastian murmured as he shifted his gaze from Jason to Trevor, making him bite back a smile.

His son was just so damn adorable sometimes.

“You have nothing on me,” Trevor pointed out.

“Are you sure about that?” Sebastian murmured, looking thoughtful as he considered him.

“There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?” Trevor drawled, waiting for his son to take his best shot.

Nodding absently, Sebastian watched as Mikey headed back their way, carrying two plates overflowing with food before he shifted his attention back to Trevor. “Shouldn’t you be home?” Sebastian asked as Mikey placed the plates on the table before dropping down with a heartfelt sigh next to Sebastian.

“No,” Trevor said, biting back a sigh of disappointment as he helped himself to the plate closest to him.

“Are you sure?” Sebastian drawled with a pitying look, making Trevor wonder how his son had managed to scare any of his cousins off.

“And why would I be home?” Trevor asked, chuckling as he grabbed his fork and-

“Isn’t it your anniversary?” Mikey asked, frowning in confusion as Trevor threw his son a questioning look to find Sebastian reaching over with a satisfied sigh and pulled the plate closer.

Swallowing hard, Trevor put his fork down, cleared his throat, mumbled something that even he didn’t understand and after telling himself not to panic, he got to his feet and headed for the door, praying that it wasn’t too late.


“You do realize that my parents were married in November, right?” Sebastian asked around a bite of mac and cheese as they watched his father head toward the front door.

“And judging by the way that he’s glaring at us, he just remembered,” Mikey said, not really sounding all that concerned as they watched his father slowly make his way back to their table.

“This probably won’t end well,” Sebastian said, shifting his attention to his right to see what their options were.

“Probably not,” Mikey murmured in agreement as Sebastian shifted his gaze between Uncle Jared and Uncle Lucifer, debating which one they should move onto as he turned his head and-

Uncle Lucifer it was, Sebastian decided, thankful that Mikey had come to that decision as well so that he didn’t have to waste time discussing the situation. With that in mind, Sebastian moved to get up to follow Mikey when his father dropped down with a satisfied sigh in Mikey’s recently vacated seat, effectively trapping him.

“This isn’t going to end well for you,” his father said, shrugging it off as he helped himself to a roll off the plate closest to him as Sebastian shot a panicked look at Mikey and-

“You’re on your own!”

-narrowed his eyes on the little traitor as she suddenly turned to the right and headed for the exit.

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