And So It Begins… Part XI

And So It Begins…

Part XI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“How did you see this playing out?” Trevor asked as he glanced from his son, who hadn’t stopped glaring at him since Mikey made a run for it, to take in the rest of the large restaurant, making sure that the rest of the men in his family were behaving.

He had to admit that this was going a lot better than he thought it would. So far, the rest of the men in his family were keeping their distance, waiting their turns to go up, and restricting themselves to two plates an hour. It had to be a record, Trevor thought absently as he glanced back to find Sebastian watching him as he said, “Just like this.”

“You mean with everyone following the rules and no one banned yet?” Trevor drawled as he once again found himself looking around, making sure that everything was the way that it should be.

“What makes you think that everyone’s following the rules?” Sebastian asked, sounding curious.

“What makes you think that they’re not?” Trevor countered, unable to help but wonder if his son was finally losing his touch.

“Do you remember what used to happen when I got bored?” Sebastian asked conversationally while Trevor sat there, narrowing his eyes on his son, knowing full well what happened when his son used to get bored.

He had the scars and the repressed memories to prove it, but since it had been a long time since Sebastian felt the need to torment someone to pass the time, he wasn’t worried. Sure, his son still enjoyed playing the occasional mind game with someone, but it was nothing compared to the antics that used to keep Trevor up at night.

“You were a handful,” Trevor admitted, shrugging it off because there was nothing that his son could do at this point that would faze him.

“I was, wasn’t I?” Sebastian asked with a nod and a heartfelt sigh.

“Is there a reason why you’re bringing this up?” Trevor asked, glancing around the restaurant again, wondering if it was too soon to get up and grab another plate. Probably, he thought, biting back a sigh and regretting his decision not to grab Mikey when he had the chance. God, she’d been perfect for this, Trevor thought, glancing back at his son to find Sebastian smiling, which normally wouldn’t be a cause for concern, but there was just something about that smile that had the warning bells at the back of his mind going off as he quickly looked around the restaurant again and-


There was no arguing, no screams for mercy, his cousins and uncles weren’t going for each other’s throats, and no one was racing for the emergency exit, making him frown as he glanced back at his son to find Sebastian gesturing lazy at something on the other side of the restaurant. Frowning, Trevor followed his gaze and-

“He ran out of things to color ten minutes ago,” Sebastian drawled as Trevor spotted his cousin Devin’s son, Dustin, who was barely six years old, crawl beneath their Uncle Jared’s table and-

“Oh, god…no.”



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One Response to “And So It Begins… Part XI”

  1. Avatar Eva M says:

    I always feel warm. I miss a big family dearly I grow up with that. But it is torn appart and wont be ever agin like it once was. So the I miss the feeling and you bring it home. Even better. everybody needs that.
    thank you

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