And So It Begins…Part 18

And So It Begins…


An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Okay, we need to move faster,” Trevor said, trying not to panic as he looked over his shoulder and-

Quickly shifted his attention back to the teenage girl that wasn’t moving fast enough and said, “We really need to go.”

“Do we, though?” Mikey asked, blinking innocently up at him as he risked another glance over his shoulder and found himself nodding frantically as he decided that they really needed to go now.

Decision made, he grabbed Mikey and threw her over his shoulder and-

“You got us banned!” came the shouted announcement from one of his cousins or uncles, he wasn’t really sure who at the moment who, as he quickly made his way to his truck, only pausing long enough to grab his son by the back of the shirt when he realized that Sebastian wasn’t moving, and dragged him towards his truck, praying that they made it in time.

“They seem upset for some reason,” Mikey murmured, sounding thoughtful as Trevor somehow resisted the urge to look over his shoulder and kept going.

“They really do,” Sebastian agreed with a solemn nod, not really sounding all that concerned that they had over thirty seriously pissed off Bradfords coming after them.

“Do you think it was something we said?” Mikey asked, sounding amused as Trevor opened his truck door and tossed her inside.

“Yes!” Trevor snapped as he grabbed his son and shoved him inside before jumping in and quickly locking his door.

“They definitely seem angry about something,” Mikey murmured absently as she opened his glove box and grabbed her baseball before setting to work rolling it between her hands with a satisfied sigh.

“This can’t be happening,” Trevor said, rubbing his hands slowly down his face as he told himself that this was just a simple misunderstanding, but he knew the moment that he saw Uncle Jared standing in front of his truck that this wasn’t going to end well.

Granted, he’d figured that out as soon as Uncle Jared realized that he’d been banned and decided to take them all down with him. One minute, Trevor had been sitting there, savoring the fact that he’d just outsmarted his son and the next…

“How did you think this was going to end?” Sebastian asked him as he pulled Mikey onto his lap.

“Not like this,” Trevor admitted as he glanced over his shoulder and found his truck completely surrounded by Bradfords.

Oh, this definitely wasn’t going to end well, Trevor thought, swallowing hard as he reached into his pocket only to realize that he’d dropped his phone somewhere between the rest of the customers screaming for mercy and realizing that every Bradford was glaring at him. When he saw Uncle Jared holding his phone, he felt his stomach drop.

“Do you have your phones?” Trevor asked, watching as Uncle Jared texted something with a smug smile that wasn’t exactly comforting at the moment.

“Uncle Jason confiscated mine to stop me from calling for help and putting an end to this deeply disturbing plan that seems to have backfired,” Mikey pointed out.

“Sebastian?” Trevor asked, sounding hopeful to his own ears.

“It fell out of my hands when I was forced to jump out of the way when the manager made the mistake of announcing that they weren’t bringing out any more food,” Sebastian said while Trevor watched as his uncles and cousins moved closer to the truck.

There was a knock at his window and for a moment, Trevor considered ignoring it, but…

Sighing heavily, he rolled down his window. “Do you remember what happened the last time that someone got us banned?” Uncle Jared drawled, not bothering to look up from whatever he was doing on Trevor’s phone.

“I thought we agreed never to talk about that again,” Trevor pointed out, really hoping that they’d be willing to forget that this ever happened.

Nodding, Uncle Jared murmured, “We did, but that was before you got us banned for nothing,” as he handed Trevor back his phone.

“Would it help if I said that I was sorry?” Trevor said, swallowing hard as he watched as his cousins and uncles stepped back and walked away.

“Probably not,” Uncle Jared said, shooting him a wink as he added, “See you tonight,” letting him know that there was no way in hell that he could go home.

At least, not tonight.

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