An Advanced Look at The Game Plan

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A Sneak Peak At The Game Plan………

(An unedited Sneak Peek)

Release Date: (Hoping for 12/27) 

            “You can’t ban all of us!”

            “This is bullshit!”

            “I wasn’t even home!”

            “You made a grown man cry!” someone, probably the cop, yelled.

            “When will this night end?” Jodi asked no one in particular as she rubbed her temples.

            “Probably not for a while,” Danny admitted, sounding oddly defeated as he sat there, staring at the destruction that had once been his living room.

            “Probably not,” she murmured in agreement as she looked around the living room and took in the damage.

            She toed the remains of his coffee table, still amazed over the amount of damage that three men fighting over pizza could do in less than a minute. And yes, she was definitely sure that the damage to Danny’s apartment had only taken a minute, because when the door burst opened she’d been looking down at Danny’s cell phone. By the time she’d looked up, the door was falling off its hinges, the coffee table was in pieces, the television was smashed, the large leather chair that had actually looked pretty comfortable was in three pieces, a window had been smashed and there were now five very large, and very noticeable, holes marring Danny’s living room walls.

            “I’m gonna need a rain check,” Danny said, drawing her attention away from the electrical socket hanging by its wires from the wall.

            “A rain check for what?”

            He sighed heavily as he stood up and held his hand out. “For our date.”

            “Our…” she asked slowly, wondering it he’d hit his head when his cousins tackled him.

            He nodded as he reached down and took the decision out of her hand. “I’m afraid that I’m going to have to regroup,” he said, taking her hand and gave her a gentle pull, helping her to her feet.


            “Mmmhmmm,” he murmured, entwining his fingers with hers as he raised their hands and pressed a kiss against the back of her hand. “Just a day or two to fix this.”

            “A day or two,” she repeated numbly as she allowed her gaze to run over the destruction.

            “Are you going to repeat everything that I say?” he asked teasingly with a sexy little smile that had her revisiting that whole brain injury idea.

            “Yes,” she said, nodding as she allowed him to lead her to his apartment door, which he had to release her hand so that he could grab the door and move it aside so they could go into the hallway where his cousins were still arguing with the cops and the manager from Black Jack’s, “And this wasn’t a date.”

            “Yes, it was,” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out-

            “You stole my keys?” she demanded when he proceeded to unlock her door and open it wide for her.

            “Of course I did,” he said, smiling down at her.


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31 Responses to “An Advanced Look at The Game Plan”

  1. Avatar Mayra says:

    Oh these Bradford’s and their brawls. Lol love them though. I am hoping that the cousins are Jason and Trevor.

  2. Avatar helen says:

    When will it be out?? Looking forward to it so much. Also wanted to thank you for TALL SILENT AND LETHAL it was great. Hope Kale gets a book..hint hint

  3. Avatar Cilicia White says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised that the Bradfords were fighting over food, but to tear out sockets over pizza!! Wow!!

  4. Avatar Gina says:

    It’s already been pre-ordered and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival. Also, I can’t wait for Jill’s story, you tease, and I can’t wait for another Cursed Heart series. I can re-read your books with no problem, I just love your books.

  5. Avatar Rebecca says:

    Loved this….those Bradford’s. They take the keys, call it a date and being banned isn’t anything new and wouldn’t be book without them.

  6. Avatar Kendall says:

    These excerpts make my day! Thank you so much for sharing your writing with us! I cannot wait until The Game Plan comes out!

  7. Avatar Susanne says:

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread your books (except Black Heart)…not that I didn’t enjoy it, it just left me sooo hanging…can’t wait for the new books…keep up the great writing!!!! Loving the blog, just makes me want more!!!

  8. Avatar Monica Clarke says:

    Gotta love the Bradfords, every book has me in stitches. The neighbour from hell series is most definitely one of the best series of books EVER!

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