Almost done…..

The next Pyte book is almost done 🙂 After I pass it off to two incredibly talented people 🙂 I will be turning my attention back to the next NFH book 🙂

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  1. Avatar nicole says:

    In the end of Without Regret you gave us a peak at the next Pyte novel, but it’s different than the one you released. Is that going to be another one?

  2. Avatar Savannah says:

    I would really like to see a pyte book about Marc cause he’s sooo sweet and I would love to see what his future turns out to be, or kale can’t really see him with Anyone, but that would make his future pretty interesting.

  3. Avatar Mz. HIS says:

    As you can tell by name I am really not shocked or surprised by much of what I read. Nor am I ever left on a cliff to where I go and search for more. R. L. Mathewson, you are simple wonderful! I have a collection of many books and the Pyte series has me searching and craving for more. I want and need to know more about Joshua. He’s out there and what kept him so silent, what is he doing and more than anything “What Is He”! You took me out of my element to where I thought I was actually in the room with Ephriem and Chris. I laughed with them and cried for them. I screamed when Chris corned Caine in the house when he said that he had it dad. I know you are on your other series but please let me know when book 4 is out so I can continue reading yours awesome adventures.
    Thank you, Mz His

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