A Valentine’s Day Sampler-Multiple Chronicles

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Valentine’s Day Special Sampler

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


A Hollywood Heart’s Valentine…

            “Can I help you, sir?” the sales woman that he’d been praying wouldn’t notice him asked as she walked over to join him.

            Ducking his head and berating himself for being a fucking moron, Edward rubbed the back of his neck as he shot a quick glance towards the exit, wondering if he could make it there before-

            “Oh my God! Are you Edward Pierce?” the woman squealed.


            Just fucking great.

            He had no one to blame but himself for this one as he quickly glanced at the strip of lace that was supposedly a nightgown and considered just buying it and having it wrapped just so that he could call it a day, but he knew that if he gave this to Dana that she’d know that he’d forgotten Valentine’s Day.

            Granted, that had probably been pretty obvious when the kids came into their room this morning, carrying a tray of pancakes, cards and chocolates for Dana and he’d stupidly said, “Oh, shit,” jumped out of bed, yanked on a shirt and jeans and ran out the door. He was real fucking smooth, he thought with a sigh as he continued looking around the store, noting that it was slim pickings and wondering why he hadn’t just gone down the street to the pharmacy and bought his wife and kids a shitload of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and called it a day.

            Because he was a fucking idiot, he once again reminded himself as the sales woman pulled out her phone and began taking pictures of him. Yup, definitely time to go, he decided, accepting the fact that he was going to end up wrestling a dozen other morons who’d forgotten that today was Valentine’s Day over some wilted flowers and stale chocolates.

            Next year he was setting a reminder on his phone a month before this bullshit holiday and buying every fucking Hallmark card he could get his hands on, he decided as he was forced to make a hasty retreat out of the store with a muttered curse as the sales girl decided to take her devotion up a notch and tried to throw herself at him.


A Neighbor from Hell Valentine’s

            “This isn’t over,” Grandpa swore as he reluctantly put down the heart shaped sugar cookie smothered in pink frosting and backed away.

            “Yeah,” Necie said with a heavy sigh as she hit the send button, letting his doctor know that it would probably be in her grandfather’s best interest if he got his sugar levels and cholesterol checked this week, “it really is.”

            “Don’t do it,” Grandpa said firmly, trying to intimidate her into putting the phone down, but he’d crossed the line and they both knew it.

            “You knew the risks when you picked up that cookie,” she said, placing the phone down once she saw the “Read,” receipt pop up on the phone.

            “You’ll pay for this,” he promised as he backed up towards the door and was most likely calculating the odds of making it to the office, calling his doctor and convincing him that everything was fine before the doctor sent him an email, confirming his brand new appointment for a blood draw this week.

            The odds weren’t very good and they both knew it, but the desperate look in his eyes told her that he was still going to try.

            “I’m sure that I will,” she said, picking up the cookie that he’d been forced to abandon and while keeping her eyes locked with his, she took a bite out of the cookie.

            Eyes narrowing dangerously on her, he pushed the double doors to the bakery’s kitchen open and stepped out seconds before she heard the unmistakable sounds of panicked footsteps racing towards the office. Shaking her head, she couldn’t help but wonder why he even bothered trying to sneak sweets in front of her.

            “Did you make any for me?” the sweet, sexy voice of her husband asked as she felt his strong arms wrap around her from behind and pull her close.

            Smiling, she picked up a cookie, added extra frosting and held it up to his mouth so that Duncan could take a bite out of the treat that she’d cooked for him.

            “Mmm, that’s good,” he said with a groan of satisfaction before he took another bite.

            “You like it?” she asked, worrying her bottom lip and waiting for the second groan that would tell her whether or not this new recipe was passable or not.

            “It’s good,” Duncan said, kissing her cheek. “Really good. Is it gluten free?” he asked, kissing her cheek as he reached around her and grabbed another cookie.

            “Yes,” she said, pleased that she’d finally found the right combination of gluten free fours to make the cookie not only taste like a normal sugar cookie, but to also have the same buttery taste and texture.

            Her first attempts at making gluten free baked goods had been a disaster, but like the wonderful husband that he was, he’d stuck by her and continued to play her guinea pig, letting her know when something wasn’t quite right and encouraging her to keep testing out recipes until she’d finally nailed it.

            “What do you think? Are you ready to tell Uncle Jared to go for it?” he asked, giving her another kiss before he devoured another cookie.

            She tried to bite back a smile, but she was just too excited at the possibility that she was finally ready to take the next step and open up her very own gluten free bakery.

            Okay, so it wasn’t going to be just hers. Duncan, her grandfather and Uncle Jared were all pitching in and helping her dream become a reality. They were all her business partners, because they believed in her, which of course made her even more nervous.

            They were all investing their time and money into making this happen for her and if it didn’t work out…

            Well, she refused to think about that, because she really didn’t feel like having another panic attack so instead she simply closed her eyes and savored the feel of her husband’s arms wrapped around-

            “Do you have any extra buttercream frosting?” the painfully familiar voice asked, interrupting what had been the best moment of her day.

            Opening her eyes, she started to ask Jason why he wanted buttercream frosting when she saw it. It took her a moment to realize that she wasn’t imagining things. Just to make sure that she was really seeing what she thought she was seeing, she closed her eyes, counted to five and opened her eyes back up and yup, Jason was definitely blushing.

            Without a word, because she really didn’t want to know, she pointed to the large bowl of pink buttercream frosting on the station between them. Averting his gaze, he nodded, mumbled a quick, “Thank you,” grabbed the bowl of frosting, two cookies and practically ran out of the kitchen.

            “Do I want to know what he’s going to do with that frosting?” she asked, praying that her husband didn’t answer her, because she really didn’t think that she wanted to know.

            With a chuckle, Duncan reached beneath her shirt, moved his hand up and cupped one of her large breasts as he pressed the large erection straining against his uniform pants against her bottom. “Probably not, but I can show you what I want to do with some frosting if you have any extra,” he whispered in her ear, making her whimper as she licked her lips, nodded eagerly and pointed towards one of the industrial sized refrigerators.

            “I’m pretty sure there’s an extra bowl or two in there,” she said, licking her lips as she imagined everything that he could do with all that frosting.


A Pyte/Sentinel Valentine’s Treat

            “This isn’t over, you son of a bitch! I will kick your ass for this!” Izzy yelled as Ephraim was once again forced to carry her out of a room before she could kill the annoying bastard taking up space on his couch.

            “Are you sure?” Kale asked as he made a show of popping the last chocolate in his mouth. “Because it looks like it’s over to me.”

            “Kick. Your. Ass!” she shouted, enunciating every single fucking syllable as he headed for the stairs, hoping that his son moved his ass and got back with the chocolate before the little sugar addict did something that was going to require him to dig a grave tonight.

            “You know that cake in the fridge?” the bastard asked, deciding that he was going to kill some time by pissing off the sugar crazed woman in his arms.

            “Don’t,” Ephraim warned, because if that son of a bitch pissed her off anymore than he already had when he’d swiped the last box of chocolates, he was going to-

            “It better still be there,” Izzy bit out as he felt her grip on his shirt tighten and he knew, just fucking knew that she was going to try and jump off his back so that she could kick the annoying shifter’s ass.

            “Fucking. Delicious,” the asshole bit out and yup, just like that he was forced to tighten his hold around Izzy and stop her from killing her best friend.

            Closing his eyes, Ephraim dropped his head in resignation, because he knew without a doubt that she was going to find a way to escape and go kick the mutt’s ass. Why had he agreed to keep his feisty daughter-in-law company while Chris made an emergency sugar run?

            Because he’d foolishly thought that Chris would manage to get back here in time before the pain in the ass shifter could piss her off. He really should have fucking known better. Well, he did, but he’d admit that he hadn’t really been thinking about all the possibilities when Chris had begged him to keep an eye on Izzy while he ran out. His thoughts had been on his very naked wife, waiting upstairs for him.

            If he had been thinking with his head instead of his cock, he would have made a run for it, but sadly, his cock was always in charge when it came to Madison.

            “You’re dead, you son of a bitch! Do you hear me? Dead!” Izzy yelled somewhat hysterically, which let him know that it had been way too long since the addict had sugar.

            “Really?” the bastard drawled, clearly enjoying himself.

            “Yes!” Izzy hissed out furiously, once again making Ephraim shake his head, because the bastard had ruined what had promised to be a very satisfying evening.

            Thinking about what he’d planned on doing to his wife and wasn’t going to be able to do for a while thanks to the asshole taunting the little sugar addict, Ephraim sighed heavily, turned around, walked back to the shifter whose mouth dropped open in shock and carefully dropped Izzy on the bastard’s lap.

            “Oh, shit!” Kale yelled as Izzy, with a furious expression on her face, put the bastard in a headlock and began to pummel him.

            “You bastard! Get her off me!” Kale yelled, forcing his hands into fists and keeping them pinned to the couch, because he would never do anything to hurt her.

            “That was my chocolate!” Izzy, giving into her sugar withdrawal craze, reminded the bastard as she continued to kick his ass all while Kale sat there, taking it even as he made sure that Izzy didn’t hurt herself.

            “Don’t even fucking think of it!” Kale yelled in warning as Ephraim, sighing with satisfaction, strolled out of the large living room and headed upstairs where his mate better be waiting for him, naked and smiling.


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Happy Valentine’s Day,

R.L. Mathewson

13 Responses to “A Valentine’s Day Sampler-Multiple Chronicles”

  1. Karen Raines says:

    Ah just brilliant. Love the Pyte/Sentinel characters, Izzy and Kale make me die laughing, and I’m just completely ‘Bradford obsessed’ but I have to say reading the Hollywood Hearts bit has made me crave a re-read. It’s been simply too long! Thanks R.L. for the Valentines treat, hope you were spoilt rotten!

  2. Karen says:

    OMG Izzy and Kale are hilarious….. love those two and that whole story line…. can’t wait for more pyte/sentinal books to come….

  3. Stephanie says:

    Please send aid to help me because I’m hyperventilating from laughing too much! Pyte /Sentinel being my favorite .

  4. Tara says:

    LMAO!!! Hope you had a Great Valentine Day! Is’s a toss up on which one I enjoyed more. Love them all, but Jason and Izzy are two of my favorite characters. Can’t wait for Kale’s story.

  5. Rocio Hernandez says:

    I love, love, loved the Valentines excerpts, wish there was more. Sorry but I skipped to the Pyte/Sentinel Chronicle. Are there any more Cursed books coming???

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